England’s Brexit.

Sometimes I just feel so disgusted by some of my fellow countrymen and women that I despair.

We have all watched as this complete clusterf*** that is Brexit unfolds before our eyes and been truly amazed at just how thick our UK Government have proved themselves to be.

The iconic picture of the very first negotiations between our Brexit team “led” by the hapless David Davis and the EU team by Michel Barnier.

The EU all prepared and with notes on everything, Davis sitting with two punkah wallahs from Whitehall and not even a notepad between them.

We have heard Cabinet Ministers including our own Fluffy being interviewed and unable to articulate what the Customs Union or Single Market actually means.


We have had our useless PM describing her vision as ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and several variations on the same theme.

Dr Liam Fox has circumnavigated the globe eight times and as yet as not managed to secure even a single in principle trade deal with anyone.

Today we had Boris Johnson our Foreign Secretary say that the Camden-Islington border is a “very relevant comparison” for the current debate on the post Brexit Ireland-UK border.

The biggest tragedy is that he actually believes the nonsense that comes out of his own gub, more worrying is, loads of people think because he has a posh accent and got a shitty degree from Oxford he does actually know what he is talking about.

We have had several of the plummy voice Tory MPs telling us how when we finally depart the accursed EU we can then trade with any country we wish and not be hampered by the vile Johnny Foreigners from Brussels.

When it is pointed out to them that we already are able to trade with whoever we like in the globe while still members of the EU that glaikit look transcends their idiotic coupons and a load of Keech falls out their mouths.

Our journalists that interview them are no less ill informed on the workings of global trade or are so entrenched in the establishment that they allow the complete stupidity of our elected politicians to be hidden from the general public.

These clowns that are leading us to disaster do not have a scintilla of understanding about the mechanics of our arrangement with the EU, global trade or even simple economics.

Yet, and this is the crazy part, millions upon millions of people in this political construct called the UK trust these complete numpties to negotiate our future prosperity and those they trust don’t have a F’n Scooby Do what they are talking about.

The London based politicos, and journalists are pathetic and incur my contempt, however my utter and complete disgust and loathing is saved for the Scottish Unionists and Journalists in our midst that have sided with the Little Englanders in this Brexit folly.

Anyone with half a brain and Fluffy Mundell and Ross Thomson too, know that Brexit is a complete disaster for Scotland, their fellow countrymen and women, their constituents,our children, yet because their first loyalty is to a ruling elite in another nation they will gladly sell everybody out just to appease that establishment in London.

I have said before we do not have a 4th Estate we have a 5th Column that daily dupe and lie blatantly to the people they should be protecting and informing.

We all know especially with these ‘journos’ or to give them their correct title propagandists if you challenge them they scream about being abused and quickly block you while shouting about their right to freedom of speech.

We don’t have opposition Parties in Holyrood, we have collaborators for another nation people that oppose every measure that is proposed because if Scotland is successful it might mean another nation nearby is not as successful and protecting that other nation is the job of our opposition, our media and broadcasters, do not be in any doubt about that.

Last week Theresa May and her English Cabinet members met at Chequers to form the strategy for the final Brexit negotiations.

I say English Cabinet because every MP in the room came from an English constituency, not a single Scottish,Welsh or Ulster MP was there.

Our Governor General Fluffy Mundell was not even allowed to be there to pour the tea and wipe the arses of his English masters such is the contempt they hold for him and all of Scotland and every voter therein be they Independinistas voters or Unionists.

They just do not care, they despise us all equally, to them we are a colony and they are the masters, my question to Scottish Unionists is simply this, how often do they have to insult you, how contemptuous do they have to be to you and your family before you find a backbone and a little courage to say, ENOUGH !

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