#Dissolve The Union

I have never openly criticized the SNP, other YES Bloggers, or supporters of the YES Movement.

I am not going to start now however I feel I need to express my belief on what should have happened over the past four years and what I personally think needs to happen next.

Over the weekend there were a few blogs, tweets and FB Posts gently chiding the FM for not giving greater acknowledgement to the AUOB, HOOP, Yes Groups that are actively campaigning for independence without actually knowing when the referendum is going to be called.

Others were somewhat disappointed that she gave no indication or outright message on the referendum timescales or triggers.

I purposely chose to remain silent until after yesterday’s debacle at Westminster.

I am not in the least surprised in all the shenanigans and disrespect shown towards Scotland and Devolution yesterday, is anyone?

Who could possibly be surprised that the 13 Tory collaborators backed the English majority view against the Scottish democratic choice?

Who is surprised that yet again when it came to defending Scotland and our democracy that the Labour Party would again sit on their arses and meekly abstain allowing the Blue Tories to get their wishes and let’s not beat about the bush, the wishes of the dishonest Labour leadership too.

Nor could anyone be surprised that the Liberal MP Swinson would vote against her constituents and nations wishes and compound it with weasel words regarding Welsh democracy being uppermost in her mind.

Nor can anybody be surprised that our 5th Column MSM and Broadcasters stay virtually silent on the reality of yesterday’s events to ensure the people of Scotland who they are meant to serve are kept in the dark as to the severity and implications of the English Parliament’s decision yesterday.

I say English Parliament for that is what it is and the time is way past where we should all acknowledge this as a fact.

This is not a Parliament to serve the interests and democracy of the four parts of the Union as equals, it is always and always has been about serving the needs and desires of the English majority and to hell with the Celtic fringes.

When Cameron the Clown announced EVEL on September 19th 2014 that was actually the day when effectively it became a solely English Parliament with Scottish, Welsh and NI merely observers in attendance.

In the days after May 2015 when we were still basking in the extraordinary General Election landslide for the SNP the English Parliament still managed to block almost 100 amendments to the Scotland Bill using English MPs to thwart the will of the Scottish electorate.

It is my opinion as this sop to Scotland was making it’s way through the English Parliament that was the time to withdraw our MPs and set about dissolving the Union.

The last time I suggested this one rather irate SNP MP blocked me on Twitter, I say I was right then and recent events have further hardened my opinion.

When Cameron further refused the very reasonable request from the Scottish Government that any referendum on leaving the EU should be ratified by all the constituent parts of the United Kingdom it was of course blankly refused by the will of the English Parliament and their MPs.

This was yet another trigger for us to exert our power, and we should have refused to participate in a flawed referendum that was not going to recognize the nations and regions of this alleged union of equals.

We did participate in the Tory Brexit Referendum and our nation overwhelmingly rejected leaving the EU, again the votes and democratic wishes of the Scottish people were ignored out of hand.

When our government put through the legislation on holding a referendum Theresa May the English PM uttered those famous words “Now is not the time.”

She, aided and abetted by the usual culprits chose to ignore the mandate given to the Scottish Government by the Scottish electorate to hold a referendum in the event of a material change.

Still our government persevered to try and bring some sense of realism to the disaster that is Brexit. We sent London a very detailed dossier offering a sensible path on exiting the EU.

One would have imagined this would have been gratefully received and embraced by Westminster as the government of the UK had no plan, no idea and no clue, this has since been borne out by events in the  Brexit negotiations.

Instead, it was thrown in the bin without even being read or discussed.

How dare those uppity Jocks think they could tell Mother England’s Parliament anything or have the temerity to advise on any matter.

Now we are on the cusp of losing our Parliament and anyone that does not realize that has not being paying attention.

I said sometime ago when London threatened to take our Continuity Bill to their Supreme Court our Government should have called the bluff of the bully that is Westminster and said.

“Withdraw the threat of court action and remove Articles 11 & 15 from your Continuity Bill or we will call an immediate referendum on Independence.”

We didn’t of course and I think it was a tactical mistake not to have indicated at that time we were nearing the tipping point.

We are now at 11.59 I now suggest to our government tell London today this is not acceptable and if they do not withdraw this Bill immediately and seek the approval of Holyrood we will not only recall all Scottish MPs from Westminster we will call a National Assembly inviting every elected Scottish representative and begin annulling the Treaty of Union immediately, no ifs so and or buts the only language bullies like Westminster understand is the punch on the nose.

It is high time we delivered that punch it is time to admit and proclaim the reality, Westminster is the English Parliament and we are a colonly, or we are a nation and we start acting like one beginning today.






7 thoughts on “#Dissolve The Union

  • As Westminster, have well and truly broken the “Treaty of Union” by willfully ignoring the democratic rights of the devolved Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish MP’s at Westminster, I would say withdraw from Westminster and make it official. In fact is another referendum even required? after this slap in the face to the democratic principles that Westminster is “supposed” to stand for.

  • Hi Roddy. This morning a HOOP flash mob will be attending First Ministers questions. It was called 36 hours ago and promises around 1000 plus foot soldiers. The weather forecast is typically June in Scotland with storm force wind and driving rain. We won’t notice the weather. Scotland is Brave and Scotland is awake.

  • You say this … “This is not a Parliament to serve the interests and democracy of the four parts of the Union as equals, it is always and always has been about serving the needs and desires of the English majority and to hell with the Celtic fringes.”

    And there is the grave error in your perception of the reality of the, “United Kingdom”.
    If the United Kingdom is to be ended legally then the reality must be recognised by all who would end it. The reality is the United Kingdom is a kingdom and there are only two partner kingdoms that are its component parts.

    We can only end the United Kingdom by disuniting those two kingdoms and. when we do so, three of those four countries you are concerning yourself with will still be parts of the Kingdom of England and there is nothing we legally sovereign Scots can do directly about that. Well not until we have ended the two partner United Kingdom.

  • Westminster is a bully and they have got used to kicking around the Labour lap dogs in Scotland. We need to stand up to this bully. We need to show them we are Rottweilers and our bite will hurt. If one bite is insufficient we keep on biting.

  • Absolutely concur with Punching Westminster on the nose, Not next week or the week after, this has to happen now and continue until they admit publicly that they are wrong, We are Disbanding this Union. All of the parties in Holyrood should be banned from having anything to do with Westminster, Any Collaborators should be expelled from Holyrood.

    • Are you one of those people that thinks England would stop trading with Scotland as some sort of punishment for Scotland wanting to take its own political decisions?
      Do you think the Brits are daft enough to have 20% of their country without electricity?
      That they would forgo fish and seafood in their diet?
      That they would rather buy Russian Oil, than Scottish or Norwegian oil?
      As a nation that wants global trading they would cut themselves off from the 27 EU countries and 4 EFTA countries to appease a few knuckledragging football fans narrow myopic world view, is that your contention?

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