Decision Time.

The time is fast approaching when Scotland will once again be asked to decide if it wants to remain in the British Union under the influence of the neo cons and neo liberal forces of London, or to strike out and create its own destiny.

The only thing keeping this British Union together at the moment is the corrupt Media and Broadcasters, rammed full of people willing to lie and deceive their fellow citizens just to keep themselves in a lifestyle that makes them feel part of the I’m Alright Jack Brigade.

This week The Scottish Affairs Committee from Westminster met in Kirkcaldy to discuss the effects of Brexit on Scotland and the Scottish economy.

Not a single Britnat MP member of that committee even bothered to turn up, that is the contempt they hold for their constituents and for the nation of Scotland.

I personally cannot think of anything more important these days, however our Britnat placemen and women found something more important to them.

There is no accountability in UK because the 4th Estate allow these actions by our Britnat MPs to go unchecked because they themselves are owned by the establishment and will never ask an awkward question that might shed some light on the corruption of the British Union.

Most of you that read this blog are like minded to me, however there are some I know that are still a little skeptical,scared even of breaking away from the London teet.

I do not believe it is my job or that of anyone else to make that decision for you, it is a decision each and every person needs to answer in their own way.

Time after time I read tweets or Facebook entries saying the SNP need to fix the currency, fix the economic argument ,give 100% clarity on everything for the next hundred years before we decide.

What a load of complete bollocks, this is a very simple decision, do you wish to remain in this British Union that has over 1.5 million of its citizens using Foodbanks, it has the lowest pensions in the developed world for its old folk ,not content with that it wants to tax these same old folk on their spare bedroom.

25% of our children are living in poverty. Our pensioners are the poorest in the developed world.

The United Nations have condemned our Government for its treatment of our disabled citizens.

If we remain in the British Union, sooner or later the unionists will either gerrymander or win an election, then just like England if you have kids you better be prepared to find £9,000 + per child if they want to go to university.

If you take sick you will be paying £8.50 an item for your prescription, that is until such times as the right wing spivs in London sell off our NHS to the American Health Insurance Companies then you will wish it was only £8.50 an item.

Like poor Americans with no insurance if you take sick ,you may well die prematurely.

Just to hold your own new born child in an American Maternity Unit they charge you $35 .

If your gran and grandpa needs care in the home and have no money, then tough luck they can lie in their own dirt, the state will not care.

That is coming your way if we remain in the British Union.

Do not look to your Trade Union to defend you there will be no worker’s rights ,no statutory sick pay ,no maternity or paternity leave no industrial tribunals whatsoever.

Pensions, unless of the private variety will no longer exist,your police ,fire and ambulance service will all end up in the hands of the private sector.

Scottish Water will be sold off and just like all the water companies in the south it will likely end up in foreign hands,just imagine that Scottish Water owned by Arabs or Germans or French.

If you don’t believe this just look at what is happening in England right now.

Everything will run for profit,not the Common Weal.

Yet amongst all this austerity, all this suffering, we can still find £200 BILLION to pay for new WMD, £68 Million to fix a clock in London, £8 Billion to upgrade the House of Parliament, £368 Million to refurbish the Queen’s Council House in London with 722 bedrooms.

The SNP Government have been too quick to mitigate and protect the people.

The vast majority have no idea what awaits them if the Brits lie their way to another victory.

Fracking will be everywhere as the London spivs look at any which way to make money now that they are excluded from the largest trading bloc in the world and only able to trade on WTO Terms in the other parts of the world.

The rich as now will not suffer, it will be as always the poorest and most vulnerable in our society that take the burden.

The next time someone says well “tell me about the currency….or the oil price,or the pensions”

Just say to them “No, you tell me 3 things that can only be achieved in this British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland”

We may not know what we are getting into, but we sure know what we are walking away from.

1 thought on “Decision Time.

  • Excellent and agreed but with one caveat polemically understood: “our government”. Which one? Holyrood or the British nationalist one in Westminster founded on an illegal basis and still imperialistically imposed upon us sovereign citizens of Scotland?

    I full well understand you meant the latter, but it irks me intensely – angers me deeply – that we should even entertain the notion that it, Westminster, has any writ over us, any legitimacy. It is an AngloBritNat institution to which only half of the population of Scotland, at best, pay allegiance to to some extent or another and, I suspect, in a mostly incohate sense.

    Perhaps, we independentistas also need to throw off the psychological shackles of feeling invested somehow in this gangster institution and its tentacles? Start to perceive ourselves/imagine ourselves, to paraphrase Alasdair Gray, as already being fundamentally independent albeit in the face of the BritNat occupation needing to be ended?

    Please don’t change a word of your article, it is excellent, as usual. Am simply venting against how even our perceptions have been appropriated and shaped by the British state as well as our land, and physical resources – the sweat of our brows, too, and well kent by many of us, but not, somehow, the space in our brains and spiritualities (this latter category no necessarily confined to matters formally religious but being of the general human spirit unfettered and thus the seed base of our hope vital to all humankind’s healthy living).

    Thank you for this and widely shared. Keep them coming plus my regards to Barrhead of which I am very fond.

    Saor Alba.

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