Controlling the Narrative.

Like all of you I have the new media sites that are my daily favourites, indeed with my morning cuppa they are my go to that start my day.

One of my favorites from time to time writes blogs about ‘he said, she said, I said, always accompanied by the screenshots of all the offending tweets and naming those that have upset him, I cringe every time.

Yet here I go, minus the screenshots or the names. I have mentioned many times that in this referendum we have to control the narrative and unlike the last time where we spent the entire campaign addressing the scaremongering and false flags of the Unionists and ultimately lost.

IMHO if we do the same again this time we will get the exact same outcome, if you don’t believe me perhaps this gent can convince you.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

I wrote a blog last year setting out the 3 things question, when encountering trolling or bombastic unionists that only want to disrupt and control the narrative.

I suggested that you ask them this question, “name 3 things that can only be achieved in the British Union that cannot be achieved in an Independent Scotland.”

I went on to explain and demonstrate how Unionists hate this question, simply because they cannot ever respond to it coherently, they will go to great lengths to avoid any response to the actual question.

That is because the answer to the question is, of course, nothing, we in an Independent Scotland can achieve anything we wish we do not require the British Union to achieve any of our policies or outcomes

This makes unionists very uncomfortable, and they cringe because suddenly they have to justify their beloved Union.

Here is the beauty, nobody thus far has ever been able to articulate a positive case for the Union, so Billy Boyne with 50 or 5,000 followers is not going to manage it either and if pressed will expose the paucity of the British Union.

They only want to demonize the SNP and Scotland they want to tell you all the things we as a nation cannot do.

Their first answer is usually the old favourites too wee,too poor, too stupid and all the variations on the theme.

I said then and will repeat here, ignore their nonsense and keep on point do not deviate, do not allow yourself to be deflected from the question, keep asking the 3 things.

They will try anything to avoid this question they have no answer to.

Yesterday was a classic case, a Unionist troll on a thread slagging off the SNP .

I have to confess I entered the thread a few tweets in because I could see a troll at work and a few of our followers playing his game.

I asked the question and got the usual reply, Scotland can’t do this and Scotland can’t do that or have this……..

I kept on point and had him talking nonsense, let me explain this part, these trolls are never going to be convinced they are also not the target.

They have followers and amongst them will be our targets, the soft no voters.

We want them questioning the Union, not Independence, so when this bombastic British Unionist is asked the very simple, straightforward 3 things question and cannot attempt an answer that highlights just 3 unique things in our membership of the British Union they might just start to question why they too support a Union they cannot articulate a positive case for.

Back to yesterday this guy was squirming and dodging and diving, the abuse was beginning to enter his tweets, then he threw his last dice the “You won’t be allowed in the EU and you will need to adopt the €”.

Bang!! two of our supporters couldn’t resist the scaremongering lie of a question.

They jumped in with both feet and started to do EXACTLY what he wanted, they let him avoid the awkward question and allowed him to escape and to control the narrative.

He quickly went on to the SNP had deprived him of his vote in the referendum as an ex-pat living overseas blablabla, or lie, lie, lie if you prefer.

Having been let off the hook and finding those willing to argue on his favored ground he was in his element spewing the negative nonsense that Unionist trolls can manage with such ease.

I attempted to get “our guys” back on point and not feed the troll, alas they just couldn’t stop themselves and the troll won the day.

I quickly muted the conversation and left this meme and moved on there is absolutely zero point in trying to reason with a troll.

I was in Sales & Marketing all my days when people behave like the troll was doing when asked the question it is called “a false objection” it is what buyers do to try and avoid buying something at that point, it is as old as the hills.

Unionists use this trait all the time to avoid those awkward things called questions.

Have you not noticed Unionists only like asking questions, they hate answering them, from Party Political Leaders to their trolls on social media.

Social media is awash with you all moaning that Ruthie and Mundell hide as soon as there is a question to answer, their trolls are no different.

I beg you please do not fight them on their ground even if you disagree with my 3 question strategy, ignore their loaded questions about Currency, EU, etc they are just trolling.

Make them justify their Union it is the one with the problem not independence.

We need to control the narrative and get them on to our ground that is how you win battles, at Bannockburn The Bruce chose the ground where we would fight and we were victorious.

At Culloden the JacobiteArmy charged the guns and fought on the ground and in the manner that Butcher Cumberland wanted and we were slaughtered.

Let us control the narrative at all times and ensure our independence.

6 thoughts on “Controlling the Narrative.

  • Fully agree BHB its not really difficult to control the narrative.
    I used to ask something similar away back when the Scotsman was the only forum and again the answers were similar.
    Quickly tired of the moronic answers as you can imagine.
    Best thing is to ask that question then ignore their trolling from that point onwards.
    We are winning the arguments.

  • ” If I could prove to you that your reason for not buying is not well founded , would you change your mind? ” NO , because this as well. False objection gone , you now possibly have the real one . Lots of time and breath saved with neither side losing face.

    • For anyone that does not have a sales background this would be lost on them. The manner in which I describe the false objection ,this buyer has no money ,no need, and never had any intention of buying,he is indeed a fraudster out to try and defraud you with a false pretense.

  • here’s another good question:
    Why are all the other small Northern European countries doing better than Scotland in pretty much every index, yet we have arguably the best resourses? Any ideas?

    Much better than getting bogged down in GERS etc



    • Indeed it would however it would allow them to go off on a tangent,we want them justifying the Union ,that is a much harder prospect for them to attempt. Nobody yet has ever managed a Positive Case for the Union.

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