Chelsea12 v SLAB 9

Chelsea FC are well known for changing their managers, when results don’t go the way their boss Roman Abramovich likes.

Since 1999 they have had 12 managers that have been in situation 6 months ,or more.

Just like leaders of Political Parties these managers are judged on results.

These managers are chosen by a man based in London ,much like 3 out of the 5 Political Parties in Scotland.

These football managers arrive with their own tactics ,their own beliefs in how the game should be played ,how the team needs to set up against the opposition to ensure maximum success.

Those of you familiar with the game will understand the different formations and tactics that can be deployed not just for an entire season but even changed during a match.

With all this coming and going of managers an outsider would not be faulted for thinking that Chelsea may not have been very successful over that period to have felt the need to change manager so often.

On the contrary ,they have been very successful :-

4. English League Cups

5. English FA Cups

5. English Premier Leagues

3. English Charity Shields

1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup

1 UEFA Super Cup

1 UEFA Champions League Cup

1 UEFA Europa League Cup

All these trophies and all these managers it has to be admired.

These professional managers come in at different times and usually inherit a losing team that they quickly have to make a winning one out of,or else they quickly lose their job.

They come in assess ,change tactics ,bring in new players,change some back room staff,give confidence to the players and their fans.

They change the entire attitude from top to bottom.

They don’t arrive and say well for last ,however many seasons we have played with the same players, the same formation ,the same tactics ,the same backroom staff , same attitude,let’s just keep going eventually we will start winning.

They of course will fluke the odd victory here,or there, however they will never be Champions,or win Cups.

They do not believe that it is the opposition team winning that have got it wrong with tactics and formations.

They know they have to adapt their team and players to compete against more successful teams

Every time the other team puts 4 ,or 5 past them they don’t say they are not a good side,they should play by our tactics they have got it all wrong.

The winning teams usually have full grounds and happy fans.

Losing teams ,not only lose games ,they lose fans ,they lose credibility, they lose sponsors.

Chelsea have remained successful because every time they change their manager ,everything but the basics change.

New players ,and new tactics for new opponents and different competitions and challenges.

It is the same in business if you do not change and evolve you will quickly lose your market and your customers,and very possibly go out of business altogether.

It should be the same in politics,however when you look at Scottish Labour,the phrase perennial losers springs to mind.

We have SLAB ,like Chelsea their man in London likes to change the Manager with regularity.

Indeed since 1999 they have nearly had as many managers as Chelsea .

This next one will be Branch Manager number 9 .

Unlike the Chelsea Managers the SLAB Mangers arrive with no new tactics,no new formations ,no new tactics, no new ideas,no new backroom staff.

The message they send out is we will be deploying the same tactics ,the same rhetoric the same blinkered thinking ,however this time we will get a different result and success.

Since 2007 Labour have won:-

Well, basically nothing they have lost ,lost and lost even heavier.

In 1999 they were masters of all they could survey.

Their bosses had a massive majority at Head Office in London , the Tories had been routed.

In Scotland with the aid of the Political whores of U.K. they were about to enjoy 8 years of running Scotland.

Well when I say running Scotland it should read manage Scotland and keep the Nasty Nats at bay.

Indeed the SLAB tactics were so dull that in football terms they loved nothing better than a scoreless draw.

It became so boring and so inept they actually managed to underspend the Scottish Budget by £1.5 billion, enough to build say , a bridge.

Maybe go some way to alleviate the grinding poverty in their Glasgow citadel.

Maybe enough to scrap Prescription charges,or build a Borders Railway.

No the SLAB tactic was to return the cash to Mother England,to say spend on an illegal war ,or some WMD.

Indeed in 1999 not only did they control Holyrood, they had 56 Westminster MPs, 53 MSPs,

and controlled the vast majority of all Scottish Councils outright.

However 7 Branch Managers later the same formation,same tactics,same back room staff, and same policies they are of course well known to us all, SNP Bad , no democratic referendum ,not now ,not ever.

SLAB have 7MPs, 24 MSPs ,and control a few Councils in coalition with Tories.

They have gone from masters of all they survey ,to a fringe Party.

Every time SLAB change their Manager which is getting more,and more frequent we get the same boring cliches and predictable nonsense from the nondescript candidates.

This time it is no different we have 2 uninspiring ,unsuitable ,talentless souls being offered up for sacrifice.

As with the previous 8 their main platform is SNP Bad ,Independence Bad ,Scotland Bad,Scottish Education Bad,Scottish NHS. Bad ,Scottish Transport, Bad.

There is absolutely nothing new in anything they say, they keep changing the messenger ,however the message stays the same.

After every electoral defeat or humiliation they say the same things,

“Lessons have been learned, we will listen to the voters,time to think differently.”

Yet as sure as night follows day ,it is back to SNP. Bad , Education Bad. Bla ,bla bla

The only interesting sliver in this entire sad tale is that a man that once referred to Holyrood as undemocratic and Scotland as a one Party dictatorship wants to be head boy in the same venue.

Even more amusing is his assassination process taking place before our very eyes.

It is classical SLAB infighting at its best.

We ,living in Scotland know that our foreign owned media and broadcasters never ever say ,or print anything about the British Political Parties ,or their placemen and women in Scotland that could in any way damage the Union ,or give the nasty Nats succour.

Therefore when this biased Unionist press suddenly started printing stories like ,

You just know this is “friendly fire” ,not that long ago the same paper informed the Scottish Public that this die hard Socialist Labour man was sending his kids to a £10,000 a year school.

Now that other tenet of “Labour Socialism” Trade Union recognition and the living wage in his own family business.

It does not take a genius to work out that the bosses in London don’t much fancy Anas Sarwar as leader of SLAB, unlike the SNP and their supporters who are desperate for him to be the next one for the poisoned chalice.

I am not here to offer SLAB any succour ,why would I ,they offer no succour to my country.

However as Einstein famously said (allegedly)

” the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different outcome”

True to form both Anas ,and Dick Leonard have both ruled out another Independence Referendum .

That will bring the ex SLAB voters that believe in Independence rushing back guys.

You might even find that some of the luvvies that gave SLAB a vote in June’s GE jump ship back to the good guys .

Like the rest of you I feel pretty detached from this SLAB event it is like the recent transfer window ,nobody showed any interest in who Colchester Utd signed except their own small band of fans, for just like Labour, they are not in our league.

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