It is the start of another week of Brexit madness where the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum. The paths of Scottish Independence and English Brexit are drawing to an inexorable conclusion. I know many of the purists in our movement hate the linking of Brexit and Scottish Independence. These feelings while understandable are Read more about Fate[…]

Here We Go.

  We are witnessing the imploding of the English Empire that began in 1066. There are no cities burning, no wall coming down, no guns, bombs or bullets. All we have is just an archaic system of patronage and corruption that is imploding. Historians will write books, plays and films about these times that we Read more about Here We Go.[…]


In writing this joint statement we, the undersigned – bloggers and other influencers in the campaign for Scottish independence, affirm our commitment to independence and to the unity of the independence movement in its entirety. It is not our aim to cause discord or to encourage members of the SNP to cancel their memberships. We Read more about AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SNP AND THE WIDER SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT.[…]

Time to Make our Move

Many people are rightly demanding that the slippery, spineless, dishonest creature that is David Mundell should, as promised, resign his post. The only person that cannot see that his position as London’s man in Scotland is compromised is the little twerp himself. He has dodged, dived and deflected in the most embarrassing, dishonest way possible. Read more about Time to Make our Move[…]

The Lab Rats.

The people throughout the UK have been subject to one of the biggest and most successful experiments ever in the history of mankind. The funny thing about it is very few realize they have been subject to this manipulation of reality. We have all heard about scientists training monkeys or rats to operate man made Read more about The Lab Rats.[…]

Time To Open A Second Front.

It is sometimes quite difficult to reconcile how anybody in Scotland watching the Brexit meltdown can believe that Scotland is better off inside the British Union. The stupidity, racism, gross incompetence and ignorance of this Tory Government is breathtaking. Many of the same people who shake their head at the complete insanity of Trump seem Read more about Time To Open A Second Front.[…]

Betrayal is never nice.

Yesterday I spent most of the day and night glued to the BBC News Channel. Since Sept 2014 I have rarely watched BBC however yesterday I felt it necessary to do so because of the importance of the occasion. I should add my avoidance of BBC Scotland continues unabated. I watched the farce of the Read more about Betrayal is never nice.[…]

The Big Gamble.

I am struggling to find a positive reason for Scotland to back the English People’s Vote. Perhaps some of you who bother to read this can enlighten me. Here is how I view it, the only justification for backing the notion is that the SNP strategists are almost 100% sure that Westminster will never agree Read more about The Big Gamble.[…]

On Your Marks…..

There was a great deal of excitement generated last night with rumours all over social media that a new independence poll had some great news for the Yes Movement. I got pretty excited myself and when the “news” broke that a Survation Poll for CH4 England Brexit debate suggested support for independence now stood at Read more about On Your Marks…..[…]

The Best Laid Plans…

I am in the autumn of my days, my entire adult life I have believed in Self-Determination for my country of birth. I have done my little bit along the way to help make Scottish Independence a reality. In the 70s, 80s and 90s I believed in it as strongly as I do to this Read more about The Best Laid Plans…[…]