Britnat Hypocrisy

There are many adjectives, words and phrases to describe the hardcore British Nationalists, unfortunately for them none of them are complementary, inclusive or do their cause any good.

Arrogant, hypocritical, abusive, false sense of superiority, anti-democratic, xenophobic, condescending, dishonest, aggressive, angry, bullying, threatening, negative.

Yesterday I decided to adopt a position of zero tolerance towards these Britnats.

There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever in attempting to engage in debate with these people, they have closed minds and usually suffer from severe Cognitive Dissonance.

It cannot have gone unnoticed amongst the more observant of you that the very same people that want to ‘take back control’ of the UK from the EU are the very same ones most likely to be vehemently opposed to Scottish Self-Determination or the Scottish population taking back control of their own country.

While they tell you how undemocratic the European Commission is or the how it is an affront to have either a foreign President of the European Council, Donald Tusk or the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, they are very relaxed to have an unelected House of Lords with 830+ unelected Peers and clergy and an unelected Head of State, Elizabeth Windsor, nee Saxe-Coburg Gotha.

I am also sure it has not escaped your attention that British Nationalists only ever like to ask questions they do not like having to answer any questions in return.

They especially dislike having to face enquiries on dark money, the positive case for the Union, or the activities and shortcomings of their elected officials and lack of democracy in this United Kingdom.

They love to call out alleged cybernat bullying, usually with zero-evidence just an accusation will do for them to go apoplectic, however they and their fellow collaborators in the foreign owned media are oblivious and completely blind to any bullying, abuse or on-line unionattery misbehaviour by the Britnat bullies.

In the years preceding the 2014 referendum campaign the SNP would often cite the ‘arc of prosperity’ surrounding Scotland, the small independent nations that were doing so much better financially and socially than the UK.

Therefore, when the Anglo-American induced financial crash arrived and the smaller nations struggled along with the rest of the world we saw first hand the viscousness and vile behaviour of the Britnats come to the fore.

The Britnats are so full of hate and bile towards Scotland and Scottish independence that they revelled in the misery of our closest neighbours financial woes while ignoring or shrugging off the financial Armageddon in the UK.

They were so virulent that the government’s of Iceland and Norway felt compelled to make overtures to the UK Government of the day.

Iceland and Norway criticise UK Labour Party for Scotland jibes

Jim Murphy who is never slow to mention his Irish heritage even mocked Ireland’s woes in this crisis, BBC Scotland were happy to run reports on Ireland and Iceland talking of the doom gloom and eternal suffering these small independent nations would suffer forever more if only like Scotland they had London managing their resources everything would be fine.

The news reporting at that time had some believing that it was only Johnny Foreigner that had any serious financial problems everything as always was perfect in Britannia.

Yesterday Ireland announced that it no longer had any IMF debt they had indeed repaid everything back earlier than required and were now on the mend after the pain of the last 10 years and I personally say “well done Ireland.”

I have not heard a single Britnat mention this, now they don’t want to talk about the small prosperous neighbours surrounding the UK now that they cannot be used as a stick to beat up the Scottish aspirations.

Funnily enough with Brent crude trading at around $80.00 a barrel our British Nationalist friends are pretty silent on the pesky black stuff too.

No Britnat politician, TV station or newspaper will give this fantastic achievement of Ireland the coverage it deserves, if they did questions might be asked of the UK Government on why they have not managed to repay ANY of its own debt.

Yes Ireland still has debt, all countries carry debt none more so than the UK as of today it is over £2 trillion and growing by £5,170 each and every second.

Since the crash in 2008 our debt in the Britnat UK just keeps growing and growing showing that austerity is an ideology of the Britnats not an effective monetary policy.

At the end of the financial year ending March 2017, UK government gross debt was £1,720.1 billion, equivalent to 88.0% of gross domestic product (GDP), an increase of £68.1 billion compared with the financial year ending March 2016.Jul 17, 2017.

Here is where the hypocrisy is at its absolute zenith with the British Nationalists continually telling us Scots we cannot possibly secede from the UK because without them we would suffer dire financial circumstances.😮😮😮😮😮

We have the worst pensions in the developed world, the lowest welfare payments, the slowest wage growth, the poverty gap is greater only in the US, 1.5 million people in the Union are forced into using food banks, malnutrition and pre war diseases are rife throughout the country and this our British Nationalists tell us, is as good as it gets.

Our Britnats in Scotland tell us we cannot possibly be independent, they stick on their Union Jack blinkers and ignore the fact that in every single Devolved area Scotland has better outcomes than any other part of the UK, not only do they ignore it, when confronted by it, they lie and deny the truth.

You wouldn’t know any of this if you had to depend on the corrupt foreign owned media and broadcasters or listened to the placemen and women of the British Political Parties who demean our nation at every opportunity.

Here is the one that really amuses and angers me the most, the hypocrisy of these British Political Parties that revere the UK so much and say that no matter the circumstances they would never back an Independent Scotland, yet they steal our nation’s name for all their political machinations in Scotland.

I would like to know if the UK is so great why do they not go to the polls as the British Conservative/Labour/Liberal Party why do they hide behind the Scottish brand to ask for our votes?

The next time you encounter a rabid Britnat telling you that your country is too small, too stupid and too poor to be independent  just ask him to tell you the positive case for the Union, better still ask him to name 3 things that can only be achieved by the British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland.

You might have a long wait for an answer and if you do get a response it may very well be abusive  so maybe best to pour yourself one of these,relax and enjoy their discomfort, just make sure if there is a Jack on the bottle you put it back.



Saor Alba gu brath.



6 thoughts on “Britnat Hypocrisy

  • Excellent, BB.

    You should be out and about, preaching this stuff in pubs and organised clubs. Find out* what bars would be amenable to an information-based talk on the ‘prosperity and well-being’ or ‘effects of Brexit’ on Scotland and the clientele of each bar, for example. Rehearse an hour long gig, take a large flip-chart with examples etc, etc and away-you-go. You’d be good at this.

    *A simple approach to bar owners would quickly establish whether or not they’d welcome such a talk. Ask the bar to put on sandwiches/pies/whatever. Either charge £2.00 per ticket or put the hat round at end of talk to cover your expenses. Sometimes you’d be talking to a half-dozen, sometimes to a full-lounge. The bar would benefit from extra revenue from drinks. Tweet the meet and many of your followers will attend. I would go midweek, without a doubt. I have a good PA system you could use (in my attendance) if midweek.


    • Thank you for your very kind comments and your idea of talks.
      I have done a few talks however the problem for me 8n that is I spend the majority of the year in Catalonia.
      I have been asked to a do a couple of talks however there would need to be more than couple for me to come over and to be able to justify the costs, alas the dilemma of being an undervalued pensioner of the British State.

  • Okay, I didn’t realise you were in Catalonia; you’re a bit far away to pop-by for a talk. Pity, you would’ve been well supported in this. No, I don’t think putting the hat round would make up your air fare and other expenses..

    ‘there would need to be more than couple for me to come over and to be able to justify the cost’.. Yes, I would imagine so. Maybe once the Ref date has been announced, and if you’re planning to be in Scotland during the ref or the run-up to it, something could be organised?
    I frequent a bar in Glasgow’s south-side and I know many of the punters. I don’t engage indy with them partly because I don’t want to alienate (poss unionist) friends and, I have to confess, I don’t have the talk. However, I’m sure if the time came I could easily push the owners to accommodate such a meet – we’re not talking sectarian issues here so I don’t envisage any problems with this. I could poster the event, promote it. I have a fairly prominent Twitter Indy follower/following who I know occasionally drinks in that bar – he’d bite your hand off for such a meet and would guaranteed his support + his friends and added punters. Also, a pensioner doing the talk would be a great example for those older dyed-in-the-wool types.

    Contact me (once Ref is announced) if it’s something you’d consider. I’m sure there’s pubs up and down the country like the one I frequent with similar demographic, need of knowledge, and with (Twitter) locals with indy passion who’d love to support and promote such talks in their local.


    • Thanks Kevin I will most certainly be home as soon as Nicola gives us the go ahead.Pubs are good idea so will be the public meetings across the country organised by the YES Groups.
      Keep in touch and keep enjoying the blog and podcasts.

  • @Barrheadboy

    Of course they are happy and never face the reality. They don’t have to because people never call them what they are.

    Their colonisers. Just as when the English go abroad…they are “Expats”. WTAF….what happened to the word immigrant. What is the term “migrant” world only suitable for non-English.

    I’m sorry but if Scotland YES want to creat a mainframe of independence it also needs to stop using Westminster’s (the English) linguistic framework…It is one of the things that disappears first in ex-colonies.

    Even .”Britnat”.is a false name…Even worse, Britnat is a conjunction of 2 falsehoods that they would happily accept as it is gas lighting par excellence.
    ** Britain = England whitewashing the entire UK
    ** Nationalist. – The UK is a Union…calling it a nation gives the inference that it is a single indivisible item.

    When people control another country….they are colonists.
    When people make excuses for a country controlling another – they are colonial apologists.

    • P.S.

      Your podcast with Jason Michael McCann was a great example…he is one of the best at unpacking how the English use language to colonise…

      I was amazed how often he would pull the conversation up about simple everyday phrases and terms that are actually about English supremacy. The are so ingrained that Scottish people don’t even realise they are doing it anymore.

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