British Stupidity

Downing Street last night ruled out any Customs Union Membership to soothe the worries yet again of the Tory right wing Europhobe zealots and head off any rebellion.

Once again the needs of the Conservative Party are being put before the needs of the British people.

(EU and especially Ireland I hope you are noting this latest insanity, they lied in phase one of the talks, it’s what Brits do)

This is not a new situation we are where we are because of internal Tory problems in the first place and David Cameron’s weakness in allowing a referendum to ever take place.

Any Labour leader worth his salt in these circumstances would be going for the jugular by now and increasing the pressure on the government while at the same time protecting the long-term future of the country and jobs.

However, we have a guy that is not worth his weight in anything, he is as Europhobe as much as the right wingers in the Tory Party.

Corbyn is as desperate as Gove or Rees-Mogg to leave the EU on a hard Brexit and to trade on WTO terms which will be a complete disaster for all ordinary folk in the entire country.

We now know that the government has indeed done impact studies and like the Scottish Government Studies they are almost identical showings, that every industrial sector, every section of society, every nation of the UK will suffer with the exception of the very rich and powerful who will increase their already obscene wealth considerably.

The fact that David Davis lied about these impact studies to Parliament has been forgotten it is now in the famous Westminster long grass along with Chilcott, Levenson, The £490 billion, The Child Abuse Enquiry, The Election Frauds of 2015 and 2017, Willie McRae, Jill Dando, Dodgy Dossier etc, etc.

There is this belief amongst the Little Englander Tories and Labour people on the Brexit side that there is some nirvana awaiting them once they have escaped these bad Johnny Foreigner types in the EU and that once again Britannia in all its majesty can just sit astride the world as they wish, where they wish trading on pro UK terms with whom they choose.

That all nations of the world will be desperate to trade on unfavorable terms just to please Mother England.

They believe the entire world is waiting with bated breath to welcome back the English Sahib and do his bidding as they did in days of yore.

Over the last two days on Social Media, I have been asking Scots how many would like to know their real history ,not the sanitized Rule Britannia imperialistic history we have all been taught but the actual truth, warts and all history of our people.

I have to say the reaction has been quite spectacular and in the not too distant future I will unveil some plans that will hopefully help address this thirst for knowledge and truth.

Just as we in Scotland have been taught ‘false victors history’ over the centuries the same is true of our English and Welsh neighbours.

I think it is fair to say many of us in Scotland thanks to our referendum had our eyes opened and when we began to do our own research we found that all we had been told as history, as news as current affairs by BBC, STV, the foreign owned press was not exactly true and in many instances the exact opposite of what we had been taught or told.

That same enlightenment is slowly happening south of the border however like here the least likely to allow the light of truth in are the right wing blood and soil type British Nationalists.

Let us not be scared to say it, The Little Englanders are leading the charge on Brexit these are the people who believe that somehow England has a right to exceptionalism that should not be given to other parts of the British Union and certainly not to any of the Johnny Foreigners in the EU.

They were also taught that all the pink bits on the world map that were or had been part of the Great British Empire truly adored and revered their English motherland.

They truly believe the myth perpetrated that all these countries that threw the British out by bomb or gun, or by starving them out financially, regretted the day the Union flag was taken down for the last time.

They believe the fable that we gave them Civilization, Cricket, Rule of law, Railways, English language, a better life and that we took nothing in return and ruled them benignly.

The truth of course is completely the opposite, as on these islands the avarice of London has been going since England became one country.

The thirst for war, ruling stealing, pillage, manipulation, deference, unquestioning obedience, cruelty, running other countries with no dissent, with no input or opinion of the indigenous population all the while taking resources back to Mother England and profiting the few is not just the history of the Empire but our islands too.

The problem for our Brexiteers is this, while they may not know their history or the reality, the other countries do know their history and how cruelly the British acted when they were a world power.

Nobody forgets a bully, which makes Farage’s trip to Ireland this weekend to attempt to convince Ireland her best place is outside of EU with Mother England quite jaw droppingly ridiculous.

Anyone, even any of us that have not been taught real truthful history but slanted British History know the last thing that will ever happen is Ireland reuniting with England.

Alas the arrogance and pomposity of the Little Englander cannot see, let alone understand this.

There is a rude awakening coming their way when they find what many of us have known all our lives Brits are not very popular and it is advisable to quickly inform people you are a Scot, or Irish, or Welsh that way you get a much warmer welcome.

India, like Ireland is a classic example of ignorance by many in UK, the atrocities and theft carried out by the British were truly appalling and yet if you ask the average person in the street they are oblivious to the countless acts of British barbarism inflicted upon the Indian people.

One quick story, Indian weavers could out perform British weavers in quality and cost of goods so British had an easy option they simply took over weaving in India to make sure they could not compete.

They controlled the price of cotton as well as the finished goods in India and where before the British arrived the Indian weaver artisan had been highly paid and highly respected they were either impoverished or crippled,for in some instances if weavers would not bend to the will of the British Sahib they would break their thumbs and in some instances amputate fingers to prevent them from ever again interfering with the British pillage.

Weaving misery

Like Farage’s weekend jaunt to Ireland last years embarrassing India venture by Theresa May was no less ill advised or any more fruitful.

The arrogance of May, she thought she would just arrive in India as the English Memsahib and the Indians would roll over and give her any trade deal she demanded.

Then she could slap down Liam Fox and David Davis and show them just who was the boss, who was in charge.

It of course all ended disastrously when India quickly said thanks, but no thanks.

The most troubling aspect in all this is who is advising the PM and government are they also oblivious to our history?

Liam Fox has circumvented the globe 8 times and still does not have a single trade agreement even agreed in principle,yet the Brexiteers carry on regardless as if some miracle will happen to save the day.

The scary thing is they are hanging their hopes on Donald Trump giving them a deal that will be favorable to the UK and a disadvantage to USA, give me a break.

By the time our Little Brits realise that the world loathes them,not respects them it will be too late, the damage will be done, Jobs, homes, lives will be lost, history will report that the British were made a third world backwater by not truly knowing their own history.

That is the future that we in Scotland will face unless we grab the bull by the horns and get ourselves out of this corrupt dysfunctional undemocratic British Union and sharpish.

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