De Gaulle was right ,The EEC should have listened

From the moment Ted Heath signed The Treaty of Rome 1/1/1973, Brexit was inevitable.

Below is an excert from Gen.Charles de Gaulle in 1963 explaining why France was vetoing U.K. entry into the then EEC.

He knew that the English would be a bad fit for the organization, he wasn’t wrong.

He blocked every attempt from UK and it is no coincidence that it was not until after he resigned as President of the Fifth Republic and Georges Pompidou became President of France that U.K. would successfully apply and join the EEC.

‘England in effect is insular, she is maritime, she is linked through her interactions, her markets and her supply lines to the most diverse and often the most distant countries; she pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities, and only slight agricultural ones. She has, in all her doings, very marked and very original habits and traditions’

He went on to say ” l’Angleterre,ce n’est plus grand chose” (England is not much any more)

Nobody can know exactly why De Gaulle was so opposed to England (as he referred to it always, more about his views on Scotland later). being allowed into the The Common Market.

What we can be sure of is that as long as he remained President Non, meant Non!

Some point to the treatment he received at the hands of the English during WWII.

On most occasions they excluded him from any major decisions and kept him at arms length, except when of course it suited England .

Indeed in 1943 Churchill tried to have De Gaulle removed as leader of the Free French.

This was done in the usual Englander/ British manner character assasination leaks and downright lies.

Churchill when on a visit to Roosevelt at the White House ironically described the great French General as “vain and even malignant” and said he suspected him of “fascist tendencies”

At this point I can hear many of you saying the same as I am thinking, pot, kettle, black Mr Churchill.

All of this may have had some bearing on De Gaulle’s opposition to the entry of UK into the EEC.

I like to think he also understood that since 1066 England had not been very good at sharing anything, indeed it preferred conquest and subjugation to discussion and cooperation.

We all know living in the British Union, England does not believe in sharing sovereignty ,we have 2 nations, 1Principality, 1 Province in this alleged family of equal nations.

The reality is unlike the EU where we have 28 Nations each with a vote and each with a veto, in British Union we have 4 only one has a veto and can outvote the others every time.

That is the kind of Union England likes so the EU with equality of nations and equal sharing of democracy and decisions was never going to work for The Imperialists of England.

History is written by the victors, this is so true and our Etonian lot and everyone else in this British Union have been fed the same lies, not actual history.

The Tories were reared on Agincourt and the heroic Richard III, Clive of India, Nelson, Wellington, Churchill, English heroes all.

We have been taught that the First WW was heroic Tommies and brilliant Nigels and Rupert officer core from Elton, beating the Hun with a stoicism while the ordinary soldier gave deference to their betters.

We were taught that The Black Hole of Calcutta was the worst ever atrocity committed in the entire Indian imperial days.

123 Brits and conscripted Indian soldiers died.

We don’t hear so much about The Amritsar Massacre in 1919 where peaceful protestors against British Colonial Rule were fired upon and in 10 minutes at least 1500 were killed and 1,100 more were wounded, the slaughter only stopped when the British soldiers ran out of ammunition.

The Commander of this slaughter was a Brig Reginald Dyer who as a result of shooting unarmed peaceful protestors was lauded by the British Public as a hero, indeed as a sign of British gratitude the public raised by donation the enormous sum of £26,000 as a big thank you for this war criminal.

We know virtually nothing of the Partition of India, another little trick the English so love India, Ireland, Palestine/Israel.

Maybe if Brits control your country and it begins with the letter ‘I’ it has to be partitioned when the Brits leave.

What we do know though is that over 10 million Indians were displaced and during the migrations somewhere between 1 and 2 million people died in ethnic and religious violence.

The British have all that blood on their hands.

How many know of the two huge Bengal Famines both caused by the actions of self serving Brits?

The one in 1770 brought about by the policies of the British East India Co (the real founders of the British Empire, follow the ££££) caused the deaths of over 10million Bengalis.

The second one in 1943 caused by the actions of Winston Churchill killed over 3 million when all the Bengalis food was diverted to feed Greeks, Yes Greeks!

Churchill was quite open in his racist views, especially against non whites, here are some of his quotes

When told this diverting of food would kill millions he said

“It is their own fault for breeding like rabbits”

“I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion ”

On Ghandi he said “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new British Viceroy seated on its back”

This is the white supremacist that the English overwhelmingly voted Briton of the 20th Century. There are statues to this war criminal all over the country.

There was a bust of him in Oval Office ,one of the first things President Obama did when entering the White House was to have it removed.

Conversely when Trump arrived first thing he did was bring it back into the Oval Office.

What we were all taught was that Indians were so sad to see us go after all we had brought them Railways, Cricket, Church of England, the English language and rule of law these ungrateful savages.

The truth was that for nearly 200 years we raped, pillaged, stripped it of resources and told them they were too weak, too stupid and too poor to be Independent.

Funnily enough 70 years after Independence their economy is overtaking the U.K.

There is also a very good chance that after Scottish Independence and the removal of Trident, India will replace U.K. as a permanent Member of the Security Council.

I personally find this delicious.

It also explains why Theresa May last year returned from India humiliated and nowhere near a trade deal.

The Brits might not know their history, the highly educated Indians do.

I could list similar atrocities in every Continent the First Nation to use Concentration Camps in South Africa, the slave trade, the Opium Wars, The Mau Mau uprising and the killings and rapings carried out by the British with the full knowledge of those in power back in London.

We in Scotland were not taught our history at all, or we got a sanatised version.

I intend to write a series of blogs on what you all know as The Highland Clearances.

It should more appropriately be known as The First Holocaust and for sure throughout these islands we have plenty of First Holocaust deniers.

There is hardly a nation on this planet that England / Great Britain , UK all our different names has not been at war with at sometime in history.

As May found out it in India these countries have memories and truth on their side, more importantly they teach their children real history.

All these great global trade deals that we are being lied to about just now most will not come to fruition.

Our friends in London and throughout actually truly believe that everyone admires and loves them.

They truly think that all Englishmen are viewed as David Niven, the archetypical suave gent

The reality as non English people of these isles know, is completely different.

The biggest problem is our Etonian rulers believe this mythical England stuff too and that is apparent in the absolute mess they are making of Brexit negotiations.

We are truly heading off of a cliff and the arrogance, pomposity and lack of historical knowledge is going to be one of the big reasons that this act of self harm will be even more severe than it needs to be.

I want to give an upbeat end to this particular blog a shaft of light at the end of the Brexit tunnel.

Among the many lies our people have been told is that after Independence we will have difficulty getting “entry” into the EU.

As I started with the great President de Gaulle I think it is appropriate to end with one of his famous speeches it is from 1942 and given in Edinburgh

Please read it and feel rightly proud, also know that we have friends and allies who have waited centuries to help us, they have also waited centuries to teach our southern neighbour a little humility.

Vive la France

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