Brexit Solved

I can write this solution for the UK Gov Brexit and Scottish secession dilemmas safe in the knowledge that the arrogance and pomposity of the Little Englanders is such they would not accept such a sensible solution to their problems.

Others and I have been pointing out since the Leave Vote that the Irish Border was the biggest threat to the entire Brexit plan of the ruling elite.

The only workable scenario today is to allow Northern Ireland to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

This would mean a Border in the Irish Sea, and that is just a bridge too far for our extremists in Unionism.

Unfortunately for the Brexiteers the DUP dinosaurs will not countenance a different solution for the Province that might in their peanut brains threaten their blessed British Union.

The fact that the demographics of the Six Counties are a bigger threat to their British overlordship has escaped this bigoted lot and that a reunified Ireland is now just a matter of time anyway.

Therefore, that particular solution cannot be implemented this means that somehow the EU and UK Gov have to come to some arrangement that sees the border sealed throughout its 326 twisty turny  miles and also the hundreds of border crossings.

The very same Border that the entire British Army and MI6 Spooks failed to seal throughout the troubles.

Therefore, it does not take a genius to work out that it is highly unlikely that they will be able to close the border now.

There is every likelihood Ireland will become a haven for smugglers and “illegal immigrants.”

Those horrible Johnny Foreigner types from the EU only need get themselves to the ROI which of course is inside the EU and walk across the porous Northern Irish/ROI border and they can be in Manchester, London or Birmingham by tea time, hardly taking back control of your borders is it?

Meanwhile in Jockistan the natives are getting restless and an Independence Referendum is imminent all that is left is for Nicola Sturgeon to name the day.

There is, however,  a solution that could work to the advantage of all parts of this vile political construct if only the Little Englanders could remove their heads from the inside of their pompous  anal tracts.

They could solve both these problems and sink the SNP below the waterline by agreeing to allow Scotland to remain inside the SM & CU seal the border at the Tweed and  unlike Ireland it is 90 miles of easily monitored border with just a few crossing points.

This way you solve the Island of Ireland  problem and throw the onus on to Scottish Government to patrol the new border between Scotland and England to keep Johnny Foreigner out and keep trade flowing.

The side benefits of this go beyond trade and immigration it has massive political benefits for the Brits, if you keep Scotland in SM you have removed the “dragging us out against our will” argument and forced SNP to take the referendum off the table.

You can also move a load of brass plates from London to Edinburgh and keep finance jobs and taxes in UK, instead of seeing them leave for mainland Europe and Ireland.

You could also ‘farm’ all your exports and imports into EU through Scotland thereby negating the need to set up hundreds of new government departments to set standards and comply with EU and WTO rules.

There would be a financial cost to be paid to the EU in allowing Scotland to remain in SM that could easily be ‘hidden’ in block grant so as not to antagonize the Little Englander racists.

This of course would lead to extra jobs and wealth moving from England to Scotland, with Westminster still the “sovereign” institution I am sure they could find creative ways to steal the resources back into the hands of the elite and spivs in London.

This is, of course, a simplification of some complex matters, however it has been my experience in life that in most things, be it business, politics, personal relationships it is people that make simple things difficult.

I did point out at the beginning of this blog these are just my thoughts the Little Englanders that are dragging us over the cliff are far too pompous, arrogant and frankly, too thick to look beyond London or their off-shore bank accounts for a solution that might benefit all including the plebs.

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  • We can only hope that they will pay absolutely no heed to your suggestion, Ireland does become unified, and an independent Scotland will be left to police its 90 mile EU border with Little England, (with the assistance of our other 27 partners).

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