Bravehearts, not Fearties required.

This past week we have seen some attacks on the independence movement regarding the Yes Rally this Saturday in George Square, Glasgow.

This ‘Friendly fire’ has come from a few sources, one being an MP who it seems has allowed the privilege of representing the SNP to go to his head and for him to get an opinion of himself way above his talent or worth to the movement.

Not far behind we have had an alleged Academic also making personal attacks on Tommy Sheridan and anyone that dares to support this annual Independence event in Glasgow.

This is the same academic that receives numerous invites to give his opinions down Pacific Quay on matters of the independence movement and invariably on the instances when the BBC, STV are doing one of their SNP Bad pieces.

The amusing bit of it being to the best of anyone’s knowledge this man has never been in the Party or taken part in or far less organised a single Independence or for that matter Better Together event.

This, of course, does not deter Gerry in giving his ‘expert’ advice on everything and anything by  that we mean decrying everything and anything without actually being involved or taking any responsibility himself, carping on the sidelines takes a lot less effort and besides the Unionist collaborators posing as Scottish media pay top $ to those willing to trash Scottish self- determination.

You see Gerry is a huge intellect and an expert on most anything to do with the Independence movement, and like our aforementioned MP the petard has been hoisted so much his testicles bulge out of the side of his neck.

Gerry went as far as putting out a Twitter Poll asking people to condemn Tommy, and those that have offered to speak at the YES Rally, funnily enough nobody asked Gerry to share his thoughts on Saturday, could that be the problem?

Suffice to say it managed a grand total of 73 retweets and a paltry 1471 votes, unfortunately for Gerry it did not go the way he had hoped the majority disagreed with him.

However do not worry about that. Gerry will, like Unionists do with their failed polls find a way to turn it either into a victory or more likely another attack on Yes people for abusing him.

We already know our journos and opponents love to shout ‘Abuse,’ as soon as their point of view is challenged in any way.

There are some that hang about The independence movement like a bad smell, one toe in one toe out.

They hint at backing the cause without ever truly committing to the idea openly, this allows them to of course to play both ends against the middle and in the case of the ‘academic’ pick up Britnat sinecures, providing he gives them what they want, a condemnation of anything remotely appertaining to Scottish Self-determination.

This,of course, is followed a few days later with a minor pro Indy tweet or piece, then two days later a quick condemnation of the SNP or ‘cybernattery’ or individuals or a particular SNP policy, then another small critique of something unionist and so it goes on and on,mibbes Aye,mibbes No.

At this juncture I will refrain from the words of the bard that refers to gold, sold and bought, etc. I will leave that to others to make up their own minds.

The organizers of the event on Saturday, no doubt in an effort to make the day as interesting and varied as possible have invited those that like a good old march to meet up down at The Clydeside and make the short trip up to George Sq. at 10.30 am.

They have erected big television screens in the Square, the main purpose being to showcase the speakers and bands that have come to enthrall and entertain the crowd.

Prior to the event commencing it has been decided to show the Movie Braveheart this is being done I know a little tongue in cheek by the organizers and it is to create a bit of an atmosphere prior to the serious business that commences at 11 am.

Cue the really annoying fuckwits that are Braveheart haters in our movement that just love to tell us exactly where we are going wrong, not just in being entertained by the film but in all our endeavors unlike them of course who know everything there is to know about anything.

These are the same people you body swerve when you see them coming down the street towards you.

They prefer to make common cause with Unionists in attacking the veracity and accuracy of the history involved in Braveheart, and yes it is so easy to do that, the film is not historically accurate however it is a damn good tale based on truths.

I reckon it makes these folk feel superior and let’s them tell everyone else that might enjoy this epic movie that they are somehow inferior or lesser for daring to be entertained, motivated or in any way captivated by the film.

This lot are the real working-class snobs. These are the type of people that could not wait to buy the double glazing when they bought their Council house.

They love boring us all with their stories of how they are the first ones in their family to go to university, however in their minds they have stayed true to their working class roots, even though they now live in Ashton Lane, Clarkston, Broughty Ferry, and earn a shed load in comparison to the rest of their family and friends.

These are the types that have moved up the ladder (and good luck to them)and it is as if almost out of shame that they have moved on or perhaps it is some working class hang up that they have to try to be all lefty, lefty while ordering their latte and making sure they show us all as few trappings of success as possible.

They feel an absolute compulsion to keep one foot in their working-class roots and as well as one foot in the unionist right wing camp.

Some think by just not being Tory it gives them cred in the circles they now aspire to, they think they will be accepted as a Blairite type of SLABBER a wish washy Liberal but not as a nasty Nat they just don’t have enough bottle or commitment to get behind one side or the other so they take the cowards way out and prevaricate and pontificate.

Seems to me their craving for acceptance by their peers and neighbours overrides their sense of fairness, truth or reason.

These same people remain silent on any ‘British Historical’ entertainment pieces, these like the British Union itself can never be questioned, critiqued or mocked.

When there have been WWII films depicting all the RAF Fighter pilots of the Battle of Britain they are shown as Old Etonian, posh boy, stiff upper lipped, frightfully English, Home Counties Tory ruling elite types  saving the country from the nasty Johnny Foreigner Nazis these Braveheart critics remain silent on accuracy of the film.

The reality being that the Polish Squadrons held back till late in the battle because of that famous British/English superiority attitude actually had the most kills and the fewest losses and they and pilots from many nations participated. Squadrons of Americans, Canadians, Indians, Poles, Czechs, Belgians, Australians, French, Africans and many other nations fought alongside the British.

How many films have you seen with pilots wearing turbans, did you even know there were Indian pilots involved throughout the war including the Battle of Britain?

The same with the entire narrative of any War movie “when England stood alone” complete and utter pish that they stood alone, Scots, Welsh, Irish were there then their was our famous ‘benign’ empire which covered half the globe and they were all pressed into defending Mother England.

India alone sent 2.3 million soldiers to the cause during WWII, 89,000 of them died, how many war films allegedly depicting the truth of that have any of you witnessed or have you ever heard of the Indian or African troops getting recognition?

Yet our Braveheart haters say nothing!

When have you seen a movie showing the Polish troops seizing Monte Cassino ?

This heroic achievement happened  after numerous British and Australian/NZ attempts to take the monastery had failed?

No, it seems some from our own side would never criticize anything that depicts false British history but get one film in the tens of thousands made about ‘history’ with a tiny piece of Scottish history, and some of our fellow Scots cannot wait to partake in a bit of Self-flagellation and condemn any of us for feeling inspired or motivated to perhaps research further into our history.

A history that since 1707 has been denied us by our British overlords and their Scottish placemen and women or as I prefer to call them  collaborators.

I am sick and tired of those on our own side or the so called neutrals like Gerry that only want to attack our movement and I for one will no longer sit idly by while they try and do the British Unions work for them.

I truly believe we are all in this together, either get with the programme or just go and do something else, Scotland now more than ever needs Bravehearts, not Fearties.

5 thoughts on “Bravehearts, not Fearties required.

  • While I agree with most of this article I can’t help feel uneasy with some comments. Braveheart is a cracker of a film just to view never mind it is about Scotland. It was enjoyed around the world. As far as I was told, it was for those unable to walk in the march. It would give them something to do whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. A nice sentiment, yes! Perhaps other films more relevant could have been chosen say some, it will make fools of us say others and unionists will deride the movement because of this. Who cares!! Why argue over “Braveheart”?? It’s a film to entertain, pass the time before the important issues are discussed. Let’s not sow division where it should not be by dissecting the merits or otherwise of those wanting independence. We are what we are! Not everyone will agree with everything but decisions have to be made and this is one of them, done to provide some entertainment for those unable to walk on the march.

  • I love Braveheart a wonderfully entertaining movie with many a Scots actor earning a crust – and a rather brilliant Irish actor in Patrick McGoohan as Longshanks, not to mention a very beautiful French actress. All in all a massively pleasing spectacle for both eyes and ears.

    I always had difficulty listening to Mr Hassan , his articulation is poor so I gave up attempting to tune in langsyne

    As someone has already said when being accused of being bravehearted , better that than faint hearted.

  • It’s not widely known but the way in which the movie depicts a need by the people to secure their freedom from an abusive oppressor meant that it became the most popular film for young men in the Middle East and had a lot to do with the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

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