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The news today that Tunnocks have seen a massive drop in their profits was met with many wry smiles from people who watched Boyd Tunnock and members of his staff back the British Unionists in the referendum of 2014.

Tunnocks were on the side of those that believe the same clowns that are leading the Brexit fiasco are the best ones to rule over Scotland.

They went further and introduced the Union Flag into their marketing material and their caramel wafers went from Bellshill made to British made.

The reaction of almost half of the Scottish nation was one of dismay that an icon of Scotland chose to go over to the side of the Brits that would keep the nation very much under the heel of London.

While Tunnocks thought it best that they remain an Independent company and not be ruled by a foreign partner they decided that Scotland should be dependent on London Rule.

This resulted in many Scottish people deciding that Caramel Wafers were no longer a weekly purchase,indeed not even a yearly purchase.

I will not deny, I am one of those boycotters, I found a nice alternative in a German supermarket and not a butcher’s apron to be seen on any of their other products.

Today’s announcement is blaming the rising costs of imported raw materials necessary in the making of their British biscuits.

Well the argument can certainly be made that if we had a Yes vote in 2014 we would not now be facing Brexit,there would not be a run on the currency and therefore Mr Tunnock your costs would not be up,your profits down and your home market numbers much lower than pre September 2014.

Now that Tunnocks more than ever need their home market to help them they have alienated half their available customers.

The lesson is this Mr Tunnock, your arrogance that you were above the plebs and your biscuits would prove too much of a pull have been unfounded.

You should have remained neutral and kept 100% of your available market,so whoever talked you into backing the Brits needs a swift kick in the haw maws.

Ghandi knew back in the 1930s that the best way to beat the British in India was to hit them in the pocket, not by means of violence.

I advocate the exact same now here in Scotland, we should look toward those that back the British brand against Scotland’s self determination and we should boycott those products.

We should pick one at a time and act as one, this will be a warning to others that decide to act against Scotland’s best interests.

As an aside how much is a British TV Licence Fee?

4 thoughts on “Boycotts work

  • Why is it that Tunnocks are blaming rising cost of imports to make said caramel wafers? Those same ingredients don’t seem to restrict the two Gernan supermarkets-Aldi & Lidl. Same product, same taste massively diffrent in price i.e. far lower than Tunnocks. If they can do it & still make a profit then why can’t Tunnocks or is it greed maybe? Haven’t bought a Tunnocks product since Sept 2014 ?

  • Beat me to it Lollysmum,
    there is no way if the drop in profits was really caused by increases in costs of raw products that it wouldnt affect other producers just as much,
    theyre lying!

  • I stopped buying them in 2014, probably 2 pkts a week, I don’t use any of the main supermarkets either now, lidl and Aldi only, Watch out for Walkers crisps multi packs as well no Jack on the outside all bags marked on the inside.. they hit the bin as well..

  • Great News thanks for sharing, it’s this sort of news that make my life worth living. Next best thing is the Haggis loving unionist suffer the same fate. I loved Tunnock’s but I love Scotland so much more and to me the choice was simple buy lidl own.

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