Betrayal is never nice.

Yesterday I spent most of the day and night glued to the BBC News Channel.

Since Sept 2014 I have rarely watched BBC however yesterday I felt it necessary to do so because of the importance of the occasion.

I should add my avoidance of BBC Scotland continues unabated.

I watched the farce of the “Brexit Deal” unfold Through A London Prism it made for embarrassing viewing.

There is this delusional sense of importance of all that associate themselves with the undemocratic and antiquated British political system.

All in all I must have watched 8 or 9 hours of London Bubble fantasy television news.

I have been saying for over a year now that the biggest threat to England’s Brexit was Ireland and the dinosaurs of the DUP.

The border issue is what has delayed the entire  Brexit process getting to the point it did yesterday.

I do not expect it to get any further, the Parliamentary arithmetic does not augur well for this ‘deal.’

Though today the DUP today must be feeling very angry and hurt.

The feeling of betrayal must be deeply upsetting to these people that have been  the most loyal of the loyal to Britain and the crown.

Yesterday they realized that since 1921 they have been deceived and abused by their British heroes.

They found out what many of us have known for decades, the reason the sun never set on the British Empire was because god could not trust the English/British in the dark.

The London elite will always put themselves and their interests ahead of anyone or anything else.

They are only loyal to themselves and their Panamanian bank accounts.

Yesterday we saw that there are ‘british’ and then there are the ruling elite British.

Those of you that have followed this blog or my haverings on Twitter know how many times I have forewarned of this ‘act of betrayal.’

The Ulster Unionists as a group are what I call the most British of the British.

Their very existence arose from British chicanery and their fierce blind loyalty to a false notion of Britain and the British crown.

This loyalty was something the elite knew they could use to their advantage from London.

The partioning of Ireland was a last malicious act by a jilted tyrant determined to have one last kick at Ireland a country it had used, abused and treated abominably for over 800 years.

The Ulster Unionists have always believed their staunch devotion to London would protect their status and guarantee their supremacy for all times.

They actually believed they held a special place in the heart of the British Union.

That was until yesterday when reality came calling and they realized they were merely expendable pawns for the elite in London.

They stupidly had believed that their love and loyalty would always be returned in equal measures.

Yesterday the Brits came to shatter all their illusions, they were in fact expendable for the greater good of England.

Northern Ireland was built on the classic English divide and rule model.

This practise had been developed and honed ever since the days of the Empire, from the American Colonies to the Indian sub-continent.

Wherever the ‘English/Brits planted the flag they would create at least two or more levels of subjects with them at the top of the pyramid.

Dividing by religion or tribe has always been their preferred apartheid, Sunni v Shia, Hindus v  Muslims, Protestant v Catholics, Zulu v Xhosa, no matter as long as there was a divide to rule.

In all cases they would elevate one above the other however the higher rank were never left in any doubt they were not at the same level as those from Mother England.

This way the raised sect would Lord it over the ‘inferior’ sect and while these inferior blocs fought amongst themselves the Brits were left free to rape and pillage the resources of their country.

Northern Ireland is part of the political construct of UK of GB & NI that was formed in 1921.

This was a direct result of the British defeat in the south of Ireland to the IRA.

Hindsight, is of course an exact science however I will wager over the last few decades many a British PM has wished that in 1921 the UK had not partioned Ireland but had walked away from the island completely.

Yesterday they did just that, whatever the outcome of Brexit and I doubt it will be the mess on offer at present.

One thing is for sure the British Union is on its last legs and the people of Ireland have been put on notice.

The most British of the British are going to be abandoned.

London’s 1921 mistake, is sooner or later to become Dublin’s responsibility.

This will have I believe a huge impact on our struggle for independence in Scotland.

In 1911 the NI shipbuilder Harland & Wolff opened a yard on the Clyde as well as bringing workers we also imported the sectarianism of the 6 counties.

This division used in the 6 counties has had a minor version used in Scotland.

We do not have the housing apartheid the divide and rule in Scotland is more subtle but it is there.

The remnants of that as we all know are still with us today which mainly manifests itself in our football and political loyalties.

This has been used to great effect by both of the London based political parties.

Right up until 2007 the Labour Party could count on the ‘catholic vote’ and to guarantee it they used sectarianism to their own advantage.

Recently we have witnessed the Tory Party playing the loyalist card to awaken the darkest prejudices of the ‘protestant’ bigots, again for their political advantage and the protection of London supremacy.

The sad thing is that this appealing to the base instincts of some people while repugnant to most of us, works in some cases.

For many years the Labour Party told their base the SNP were all ‘proddy dogs.’

Nowadays the Tories are telling their base the SNP are all papists.

It is an abomination to the decent people of our country and is certainly something we can hope to eradicate in the new Scotland.

It then won’t matter your creed, race, sexual orientation or political belief, divide to rule we will leave with the British it will have no place in our country.

Yesterday as the London Brits threw the DUP under the Brexit bus you have to hope that here in Scotland the British loyalists understood at that moment their love of Britain and Britishness is not reciprocated by their friends south of the border.

Even they must now understand that in the two tier British model their staunchness counts for nothing when it comes to the interests of the British ruling elite.

The divide and rule in Scotland has been used to enable London to do what it does best, steal resources and the wealth of another country to enrich the few in their own country.

Should the day ever come when Scotland is no longer a cash cow for London be assured the Scottish loyalists will themselves be thrown under the nearest passing bus.

Lastly on yesterday’s events I think we all know that for us there is only one outcome from this  Brexit farce.

I expect in a very few days our First Minister will be informing the world that left with no other choice we will be holding an independence referendum.







Said Alba gu brath.f





2 thoughts on “Betrayal is never nice.

  • You missed the point. After Brexit a United Ireland could cause Unionist refugees to flood into Scotland on the ferry. They would be able to vote in Indy Ref 2 and they would vote for the union. An agreement nearly 100 years old is easy to de-prioritise or dump in this fast news era. What an earth do the Russians have to do with it?

    • Oh dear oh dear I fear it us you that does not get the point.
      The people may indeed leave for wherever the 6 counties will remain on the island of Ireland I don’t think they will be able to get them on the ferry.
      The blog is about betrayal not geography,emigration and the picture is a metaphor!

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