Being a Unionist makes you unhappy.

I am sure I am not the only person to notice just how unhappy, aggressive and despondent our unionist chums appear to be most of the time.

They are always so angry, be it a Unionist Party Leader, MSP, MP or an ordinary unionist follower.

They are always telling us what Scotland cannot achieve, cannot have, cannot do, their political choice means they have nothing positive to say about either Scotland or their beloved British Union.

I know a lot of you are now deploying the ‘Name 3 things that can only be achieved in The British Union that cannot be achieved by an Independent Scotland’ question when confronted by Mr or Mrs Angry Unionist, it is a question that is guaranteed to raise the blood pressure of our not so friendly unionist and send him or her into an apoplectic rage in some cases.

Another question that causes them huge problems to answer directly is,   ‘Is Scotland a nation?

The answer to these questions are quite straightforward and actually only require a single word in response, Nothing and Yes, are those answers.

In Mr or Mrs Angry Unionist’s world those two accurate answers must never be given in response to these simple questions.

Should they reply Nothing to the 3 things, they would then have to admit to you and worse still to themselves that with no unique benefit in the British Union, then supporting it is not a logical position for them or anyone else in Scotland.

Equally difficult for them is the admission that Scotland is indeed a nation, if they admit that they also have to accept that it is normal for nations to self govern and that it is abnormal to allow a neighboring country to govern on your nation’s behalf.

To avoid these simple answers to simple questions, the Unionist has to enter into mental gymnastics of Olympian proportions.

The 3 things questions garners replies like “Scotland will be like Greece”

”You will not be allowed into the EU.”

“You will have to use the €.”

These are just some of the many stupid variations you will get in response.

When you point out that you didn’t in fact ask them what Scotland could or couldn’t do and you remind them that the question was in fact about what the Union can achieve results in two reactions.

The first reaction is simply, denial, “I have answered you“ and then they accuse you of being in denial.

The other reaction is for them to go straight for the abusive response calling you a moron, an idiot, a liar, a cultee, anything to deflect from admitting that the UK is not really that unique or special after all.

The Scotland question gets the usual answers too, “well it is part of the United Kingdom, just check your passport”  or “ what do you mean by a nation?” again when you gently chide them to answer your simple question they will go into angry mode and as with the 3 things the response is the same, anger and abuse.

The entire UK political construct is held together by a tissue of lies and a corrupt 4th.Estate that over the decades has allowed successive governments to blatantly lie to the people.

This is a technique that the British ruling elite has mastered over centuries throughout their then extensive empire.

Nowadays the telling of lies and big lies at that is saved for the last vestiges of their empire, the Celtic fringes.

Therefore it came as no surprise to note that The Ferret found that the most dishonest political party in Scotland is the Tories and the most dishonest politician Ruth Davidson.

These ‘false claims’as the National Newspaper and The Ferret refer to, we would call blatant lies.

They are directed at devolved matters, NHS, Education, Transport, Justice, in all instances Scotland leads the rest of the UK in satisfaction by stakeholders, patients, pupils, commuters, our crime is at a 43 year low, meanwhile in England crime is up by 21% and at an all time high.

The English NHS is on the brink of collapse, rail fares are the highest in the world, dissatisfaction by commuters is at record levels and the English Education service is teetering on anarchy by teachers and heads while university students are in huge debt thanks to student fees.

Instead of the rest of UK dispatching their politicians to find out why Scotland is faring better in all these devolved areas and how can it be implemented in other parts of the Union to improve the lifes of their constituents lies have to be deployed to discredit the Scottish success stories.

They deploy the 5th Column to help them in this The BBC, STV, the MSM, the Unionist placemen and women in both Holyrood and Westminster earn their 30 pieces of silver by lying and distorting the reality.

These lies and false accusations are perpetrated to filter down to Mr & Mrs Ordinary, they heard it from that nice Jackie Bird on the BBC and read it in the Record, so it must be true, Scotland is a mess and it is all the fault of that Bad SNP.

Just like the two questions, unionists cannot ever admit that anything, any law, any initiative that is not straight out of the Mother of Parliaments can in any way possibly be better or improve what already exists in England, to admit that would mean they are not superior to all others especially those horrible Scotch in North Britain.

It is this same inability to accept and admit they are not superior in all things and that perhaps sometimes they could learn from others that has destroyed the British Union and sees us on the cusp of leaving the EU.

Faced with this reality, yet in denial explains exactly why Tories are the most dishonest Party in Scotland and the UK and why Unionist supporters get so angry when confronted with the paucity of the British Union.

It explains perfectly just why our unionist chums are always so angry and so aggressive.

It is why you will never, ever hear any Unionist, from Party Leader to blind follower ever giving a ‘Positive case for the Union’ for like unicorns it doesn’t exist except in the imagination,at least we can draw an imaginary unicorn they cannot articulate a positive case for the Union.

When the referendum begins in earnest do not worry about justifying Independence, concentrate on making our opponents justify the Union and watch them squirm and stutter.

Saor Alba bu brath.


3 thoughts on “Being a Unionist makes you unhappy.

  • Rod whilst reading a WOS article I clicked on an archive link which took me to the hootsmon ( Scotsman if ever a newspaper was so misnamed it is that one ) and an article by Wilson the tractor , his musing’s ( angry diatribe ) and the comments from his fellow quislings btl epitomise the very essence of your article . I have never read such a froth of malignant excrement coming from SUPPOSED Scots people with only a single independence supporting person attempting to hold back this flood of denigration and destruction on our wonderful country and citizens.

    To say I am outraged is an understatement , the hatred and bile about Scotland and the SG that these amoeba were ejaculating on the page was literally palpable , when independence comes removal companies will have a bonanza transporting these quislings back to their engerlish utopia

  • A pleasure to read, barrheadboy. Really excellent stuff, so a big thank you for your thoughts, and the efforts behind them.
    To enlarge your own profile of the average Unionist being angry and rude etc., may I offer the opinion that were Scottish Unionists left to their own devices to defend the benefits of the Union, we would have been Independent long ago. They are no match for the Yes movement.
    It is mainly because of the size, wealth and extent of English input into the Independence debate through Westminster’s virtual monopoly of discussion in public broadcasting through State propaganda – not forgetting the generations-long brainwashing of us Scots producing the Scottish Cringe and the widespread belief that as a nation we are simply ‘too wee, too poor and too stupid’ to govern ourselves successfully. The Unionist strings in Scotland are all controlled by Westminster. Scottish Unionist voices are those of the puppets.

    May I wish you every success in your new endeavour with ‘trulyscottishtv’.
    It’s brilliant.
    Saor Alba.

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