BBC Very Very Good, RTV Very,Very Bad.

All of you that are reading this blog are probably aware of the perils in a hard Brexit, a hard Irish Border, a trade deal with Trump’s America.

You will all be equally aware that the English NHS is almost completely privatised and ready to be sold off as part of the said American Trade Deal.

Most of you will be aware that the British Tory Party in Scotland do not have a single policy to improve Scotland, and that their only policy is No to an Independence Referendum.

You all know that when Richard Leonard or any of his BLIS compatriots start an SNP smear it is either a lie, a reserved matter or factually inaccurate.

You are equally aware  that voting in the Province of Northern Ireland is very much a tribal matter, unlike our new NI Minister who said.

“. I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought, for example, in Northern Ireland – people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice versa.”

You will all know and be horrified that our new Brexit Minister Dominic Raab has not even bothered to read his own government’s economic impact studies in the event of a hard Brexit.

You all know that over 1 million people throughout the UK are dependent on Foodbanks just to feed themselves and their families and that almost 3/4 of those families that attend Foodbanks have at least 1 adult in the household working and in many cases both adults working, yet due to austerity and the incompetence of successive Westminster Governments many people find themselves in this sad sorry state not through any fault of their own but through the fault of the successive incompetents that form those UK Governments.

We know that the UK Pensions are the worst in the developed world, yet the UK propaganda machine is able to use the fear of losing this pittance as a way to keep Scotland in the Union and the Tories in power in the UK.

We all know that although the dreaded EU gets the blame for most of the ills of the UK the fault lies firmly at the feet of Westminster.

Unfortunately, 95% of the British Public are oblivious to these things because they are either ill informed by the corrupt British media or are part of the elite that benefit from their fellow citizens misery.

We know from talking to fellow Yessers that when they ‘realised’ the truth about Scotland and not the lies of the BBC or Newspapers they switched sides and became strong advocates for our independence movement.

What we all have to face up to is that the vast majority of people in our country and throughout the UK are totally reliant on the British Media for their knowledge of all that is happening in the world.

They are being spoon fed propaganda 24×7 that would make Josef Goebbels embarrassed in that it is so blatantly dishonest he wouldn’t even have tried to dupe the people in this manner.

I rarely if ever watch British News and Current affairs programmes as I am aware that these people are blatantly and unashamedly lying to the millions of others and me that are tuned into their broadcasts.

I did watch BBC News 24 yesterday for a short time and even I was shocked as to the false narratives being spewed out by successive ‘journalists’ in all the topics covered.

If I didn’t know any better I would believe that everything is just hunky dory in good old Blighty, the dreaded Johnny Foreigner in the EU is on the run and that the Chequers Dog’s Breakfast is on the verge of being accepted by the inferior Europeans.

Five Billionaires own 80% of the British Media they register themselves and their companies offshore to avoid British Taxes yet they wield immense power over our politics and are co-conspirators in the great EU Brexit and austerity rip-offs being perpertrated on the British Public.

They are the puppet masters that run Westminster and Whitehall these same billionaires frighten the majority of our politicians into submission and agree to their narrow extreme right-wing viewpoint.

The UK has one of the least trusted media in the world, the days when anything said by the BBC or printed by The Times were known to be 100% true and accurate have long gone.

That is why the hypocrisy that emerged this week by some to the news that Tommy Sheridan got himself a gig with RTV is incredulous.

What is even more bizarre was the unedifying tweets from a YES supporting MP that was bemoaning that RTV was controlled by a billionaire and was a propaganda tool for Russia and that Tommy should not appear or give it any houseroom.

Tommy should refuse the payment to support his family, meantime this MP is taking his payment from the Houses of Parliament that are, if not controlled openly have certainly danced to the tune of these 5 billionaires, these past 40 years.

This MP has no problem with making himself available for the British Broadcasting Corporation or ITV who spend their entire time demeaning, decrying and lying to the Scottish nation this MP alludes to represent.

He has no problem it seems with himself or any member or elected official of the Party taking coin as columnists for these 5 offshore billionaire enemies of Scotland.

It seems to me perhaps some of our MPs that are down at Westminster have forgotten what the magnificent Winnie Ewing said not long after arriving at Westminster in 1967.

She was asked by a prominent MP if she was settling in at Westminster, her reply should be imbedded into the mind of every single SNP MP and in the case of this guy tattooed on his forehead she said,

“ I am here to settle up for Scotland, not to settle down”

Another gem from Winnie, when being questioned that perhaps Devolution would be the slippery slope to independence she replied “yes and if I am going down that slope I will gladly hold the hand of a Tory and a Labourite and take them down that slope with me.”

Fifty one years after Winnie’s triumph here is me referencing this giant of our movement, I would suggest 51 minutes after independence nobody will even remember this guys name.

I would respectfully suggest to the senior members of the SNP that not only this MP but all those representing our Party and our movement should be reminded that just as we allowed them the honour and privilege of representing our Party and Movement we can just as easily remove them and replace them with others that understand and appreciate that we are an inclusive, civic national movement that welcome all those who share our vision we do not turn on those that support our determination to see a free and independent Scotland.

We have no room for prima donnas or divas in our movement the vast majority of us in this fight know who the enemies of Scotland are, and it is high time this rogue MP and others directed their fire at the BBC and all the other organs of the British State that would keep us bound tight to the corrupt, undemocratic British Union.

Saor Alba GU brath.

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