Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.

With four days to go until the publication of the SNP Growth Commission Report the Unionists are already in meltdown and decrying it’s findings.

They are so panicked by the very thought of Independence that they are willing to lose what little credibility they still have to get themselves down to the Lord Haw-Haw Studios at Pacific Quay to attack any notion of a better fairer more just Scotland.

Maurice Golden, MSP, has already suggested that the plans for a separate Scottish currency by some of the world’s greatest financial minds including a Nobel Laureate are unworkable.

This is five days before anyone can even see the report so you can imagine how they will be frothing like rabid dogs by time of the publication on Friday.

All the foreign owned press in Scotland will already have their Friday and weekend headlines with stories of pending doom ready to print and suitably frightening headlines to frighten the bejesus out of the more gullible populace.

The BBC will already be preparing to bring us some “independent” think tank experts and maybe even a dug food salesman to tell us with the aid of some very iffy graphs and ‘research’ that all of the Growth Commission report is a recipe for disaster, that the SNP are very, very bad, and that Brexit is great, the Tories nice people and just misunderstood.

Unionists and their apologists in the 5th Column media will always traduce anything that is positive regarding Scotland.

They can literally spend hours telling you how stupid, or poor or weak Scotland is in the union without actually acknowledging that this state of affairs happened inside their beloved British Union because of British governance, that reality it seems is too complex for their closed minds.

They try to imply with the assistance of our biased media that any problem reserved or otherwise is entirely the fault of the vile SNP and their equally disgusting cybernats.

The lickspittle brigade, will by Friday be in a frenzy, desperate to get quoted, interviewed and be willing to demean and decry their own nation of birth to assist another country to continue ruling over Scotland.

I already have my counter-attack in place and it is simply to stop them controlling the narrative.

I will be deploying my three things question this as we know completely throws the unionists as they attempt to dodge, dive and avoid admitting that the UK cannot achieve anything that any other country can also achieve, be that Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, China, USA, or an independent Scotland.

On Monday I had a particularly amusing interaction with a Scotland hater that managed very quickly to resort to abuse when he realized he could not possibly answer the question without exposing the paucity of the UK and actually confirming that there is no positive case for the Union, no USP to make it a viable option for Scotland to remain.

This believe it or not ladies and gentlemen is one of the better replies I have received over the years I have deployed the question.

Although you have to note that the question posed was what can British Union achieve, the reply is as always about what Scotland cannot achieve in their Cognitive Dissonance world.

They seem totally incapable of comprehending the question and when they do reply as Nigel did here it is usually complete and utter bollocks, though I will concede number one is probably accurate, however it is hardly a reason to remain wedded to the corrupt, undemocratic, dysfunctional UK.

His other replies are just ridiculous as are all unionists attempt at this question, no Stock Exchange?

This implies only UK in the entire world has a Stock Exchange and that Scotland which incidentally had two exchanges, or one Exchange in two locations Glasgow and Edinburgh up until 1973.

I myself worked in the Glasgow Exchange for a short period in the late 60s.

These were ‘merged’ into London Stock Exchange in 1973 which is around the same time as North Sea Oil started to flow into the UK Treasury, just a coincidence I am sure. ???.

Poor Nigel not content with making a complete ass of himself with Stock Exchange decided to really expose his lack of knowledge on all matters regarding to the UK and the Union, he wrongly suggested that the UK ‘leads’ the Commonwealth and I am sure he is not alone in believing this untruth.

There is no ‘lead’ country in the Commonwealth HM Queen is the elected/appointed head of the Commonwealth indeed at the recent meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of State in London.

Mrs Windsor was pleading with the Commonwealth countries to allow her son Charles take over  as ’figurehead’ when she finally pops her clogs.

Nigel’s last answer has to be one of the funniest ever an Independent Scotland would not be a nuclear power.

I have some news for you Nigel, we welcome that and indeed we as an independent nation will go a step further we will have not only have no nuclear weapons on Scottish soil or waters we will have no nuclear power generation in an independent Scotland either.

Remember folks this is one of the best responses to the famous question I have received most usually immediately resort to abuse or block me.

Come Friday when the naysayers start their Scotland hatefest I will be retaliating by asking the question I urge you to do the same for remember this, Unionists hate, loathe and despise having to answer questions, mainly because they have no answers, not even to simple queries.

They only like asking, and then denying your answers so do not allow them to take you off on tangents and just keep repeating the question they will either tire of denying and deflecting or give the most ridiculous answers.

The most important thing is they will not be controlling the narrative, and you will!

As long as they are defending, they cannot be attacking.


2 thoughts on “Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.

  • I am always amazed at a Unionist’s ability to criticise something they have not seen or are aware of. This future doom laden vision of the apocalypse might be guesswork, but the effort is pure propaganda. A country having its own currency is a terrible idea and so is piggy backing another! England used parts of silver for its currency for long enough. They would bite a piece off to buy something. A pound of silver was a pound of silver and known as sterling. The pound was a Scottish notion. A promissory note. The Bank of England, a Scotsman’s idea. This criticising before the outcomes are known is simply grabbing the narrative and trying to sway people into thinking that what is about to be announced is not worth listening to because they have already written it off. Owning thereafter the intellectual high ground. The truth is that they know little of any outcome and what they tell you is propaganda, designed to discredit, smear and bury any ingenious ideas which Scotland comes up with. Scotland has been doing the ideas thing for centuries, even Churchill recognising what Scots have done for the world over.

    It is simply time to invest in ourselves, because we can be a nation as we once were. Our ideas better the world. We must recognise that the Union has prevented that and holds us back while subsidising a corrupt government, which works only for the rich.

    We now control the narrative, since the Tory Party are now damaging the interests of the United Kingdom with Brexit. They all know horrendous financial damage will occur, but they continue because they are largely insulated from damage. Ordinary citizens are not. No massive bank accounts for us, dependent on job, trade and state, which will all be failed when we leave the EU.

    On our next opportunity to take the initiative, God help us if we don’t accept that lifeline.

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