#AUOB Dumfries 2nd June 2018

An estimated 10,000 people marched through Dumfries town centre today, 2nd June 2018. The sun shone almost as brightly as the faces of those who attended. Some met ‘strangers’ to whom they had been chatting with over social media and others went into some of the local premises to partake of a libation.  🙂

Me? I was proud to be one of them and to meet up with a few like minded people, we popped into this wee pub and were made very welcome. Lovely people at the bar, one woman even helped us to give directions over the phone to others so we could all meet up.

Ye Olde Friary Vaults, Brewery Street, Dumfries

£2.80 for a pint of cider 🙂

Ye Olde Friary Vaults, Dumfries

Ye Olde Friary Vaults, Dumfries

I even managed to take a few pictures… my wee dog Sammy is at the bottom of this picture set.

Dumfries #AUOB March 2nd June 2018

Dumfries #AUOB March 2nd June 2018

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