At 6pm CET Democracy lives,or dies.

Tonight at 6pm local time President Puigdemont is to speak to the Catalan Parliament.

It is heavily rumoured he will give the official result of the Referendum,and declare Catalonia a Republic and no longer part of Spain.

This will for sure cause Spain to react with ferocity,we have seen in the past week just how prepared Madrid’s minority government is to use extreme violence against what it perceives to be its own citizens.

Last week we saw baton charges on innocent voters standing in lines outside of schools and polling stations.

Their crime was to want to use their democratic right and vote.

We saw grannies and grandpas being brutally assaulted in lots of cases as their grandchildren watched ,in one chilling video an elderly lady grabbed by the hair and dragged over a wall.

We saw a man suffering a heart attack and those attending him performing CPR being beaten by the fascist goons with clubs.

There were over 800 serious casualties that required medical treatment ,one lady who lost an eye , not just the sight, but her actual eye.

From the relative safety of where you are now can you imagine getting up one day going off to vote to return minus an eye because an alleged democratic western government were too scared to let you vote.

There were countless thousands more who received cuts and bruises that did not require expert medical treatment and thus not recorded.

Now this did not occur in North Korea,Burma, or some other third world dictatorship, this happened in Spain a member of the western democracies the 4th largest economy in EU.

An alleged democracy,however to us democrats what we witnessed last week looked more like a banana republic ,it was more Zimbabwe than Spain.

Over 100 Polling Stations were forced to keep their doors closed and this in turn stopped tens of thousands from voting.

Somewhere in the region of 700,000 ballots were actually stolen by baton wielding goons and Special Forces personnel.

Despite all this intimidation and brutality the Catalan people overwhelmingly voted Yes to Independence by a margin of 90% to 10%.

Spain chose to report this by saying no referendum took place ,this of course is an outright lie .

Apologists for the right wing government in Madrid, like the UK Government used their very own Pravda ,the BBC to lie to the British public and side with the fascists of Spain against the peaceful voters of Catalonia.

The BBC referred to voters as “protestors” to baton charges by the paramilitaries as “clashes between police and protestors” they used the pejorative and called the people Separatists

They used the Spanish line that the Referendum was illegal to justify the attacks.

You might ask yourself why would a UK Government do this ,a government that likes to pretend it is against human rights violations in countries that are not “in the club”

It does choose however to ignore the UN when it accuses the UK itself of human rights abuses against the disabled people of the UK.–-new-un-condemnation-uk-human-rights-record

Well it is simple, if you read BBC articles on Catalonia you will see they always link it back to Scotland and the vile cybernats , the separatists,that only want to break up the UK because they all hate the English.

Apparently even the huge amount of English SNP Members and voters from England that vote SNP hate the English too.

It would not of course be because Westminster needs to keep pilfering Scotland’s resources to keep the elite in the style they are accustomed and those in SE England in line so they by force of numbers will keep returning neo con governments in London.

It really is that simple ,democracy can be ignored grannies and grandpas brutalized by Robocops as long as Humphrey and Nigella can get the new BMW every year and ski in Cloisters.

I mean that democracy thing is really just a front to keep the great unwashed happy in between episodes of Eastenders.

Spanish Nazis bussed into Catalonia to cause havoc and give the pretense of opposition to those horrible separatists not spoken about.

The London Bubble ,Politicians,Media Elite have lived such dishonest lives that another lie to the general public doesn’t even register as wrong to them any more.

Tonight I believe will be pivotal for democracy , the EU ,and the Scottish Independence Movement.

While I finish this blog off ,students are already gathering at the Arc de Triumf in central Barcelona, they are the first contingent others will arrive to swell the numbers.

The people are going to protect all the institutions of Catalonia, especially the Parliament Building where the announcement will be made.

There is already a fear that the Special Forces are already deployed and will attempt to snatch the President before he makes his speech and declaration.

In a chilling video posted earlier today a member of PP the minority government( 28%)

referred to the last President of Catalonia Iluis Companys that declared it a Republic 83 years ago and was put up against a wall by Franco fascists and shot.

He inferred if a Declaration was made today the same fate could await President Puigdemont.

The silence from the worlds capitals after this thinly veiled threat is deafening.

That no western leaders have spoken out and warned Spain is disgusting.

There is still time for the EU to warn Madrid if it uses violence tonight and starts arresting political opponents it will be suspended from the EU and sanctions will be applied.

Many of you know I have made Catalonia my home ,I feel obliged to stand with my Catalan neighbours against this fascist threat.

Beloved is less than enthusiastic in my desire to get into Barcelona and stand shoulder to shoulder with the democrats.

I am ashamed the British Government out of self greed failed to do the right thing.

A Catalan acquaintance sent me this message:-

“If the president does a declaration or something similar it can be terrible…I hope no one dies today…”

We all hope the same my friend.

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