After Centuries Irish finally hold the whip hand.

For centuries London has bullied and lorded it over everyone on these British Isles.

Since 1066 when William the Conqueror arrived to give the Saxons a right good doing at Hastings and claim England for himself England has been, not to put to fine a point on it the class bully.

If truth be told whatever the Little Englanders and England wanted, or wants it has got, till now.

Brexit, however, is the game changer, after centuries of bullying and having to bend to the will of London the circumstances have finally changed.

It seems our Celtic cousins are about to show their bigger neighbour that it no longer holds sway in telling Ireland what to do.

The Irish Government have warned London that they have to provide a suitable solution to the border conundrum, otherwise Ireland will veto any trade talks and stop the Brexit negotiations in their tracks.

This time ‘little’ Ireland has 26 mates and 400 million people at its back, it is at last able to stand up to the bully and say “No, you will for the first time ever, do what is right and what best for us and not yourselves.”

It gladdens my heart to see our neighbors at last being able to stand up to the bully.

Boris Johnson our Foreign Secretary and traveling buffoon has just announced that “he hadn’t realised the Irish situation till now.” for that read “when it comes to the Celtic Nations on these islands we normally don’t give a tuppenny toss and just ignore them”

The Little Englander ruling elite are so self-absorbed, that they do not even make themselves aware of what the issues are on their own home islands let alone on mainland Europe.

This is part and parcel of the problems that they had with EU from day one and why we find ourselves heading for the Brexit rocks at high speed and with no brakes.

We don’t have UK brakes however we do have a Scottish parachute, and the day is fast approaching when we have to deploy that chute.

Time for us to be as brave as the Irish and say enough,is enough.

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