A Yellow Ribbon Might Just Save Your Democracy

This is a very special time of the year for everyone in the Western Christian world as we focus on the big day.

For weeks before it all the usual rituals begin,the Christmas shopping,confirming with family that they are coming to your house for the usual feast and excesses.

Making sure you have mums favourite sherry,dads favourite beer, all the things that make that special day even more special.

We tend to lose focus on the day to day things that preoccupy us for the rest of the year.

In Scotland per head of population,more of us attend live football matches than most countries on the planet,for all its money and hype more Scots than English attend matches on a Saturday.

However in the weeks before Xmas Day,crowds tend to slide as beloved let’s us know we have other priorities this coming Saturday and catching a bus at 7 am to go to Aberdeen and returning at 9 pm on the weekend before Christmas is just not going to happen.

Likewise sneaky governments like the putrid one we have in London use this time of the year to sneak out bad news in the hope we won’t notice it because we are so busy preparing for Christmas.

I am sure my fellow bloggers will confirm that even here in new media there is a bit of a downturn in readers, at least I hope they do and it is not just me.??????

Therefore,I would suggest that we should be very wary of the Spanish Government’s decision to hold such an important election in Catalonia 4 day’s before Christmas.

We all witnessed the appalling behaviour of the Civil Guardia on October 1st when they brutalised voters standing in line at the time of the independence referendum.

Since then the invoking of Article 155, the jailing of democratically elected politicians for carrying out their mandate.

The imprisoning of the Catalan Parliament’s Speaker,Carme Forcadell for allowing democratic debates to be held in the Parliament.

She was later released on bail part of those conditions being she is not allowed to campaign in this election.


They have released 6 of the jailed Politicians the two remaining incarcerated being Oriol Junqueras the deposed Vice President,and the Interior Minister Joaquim Forn and independence movement leaders Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart.

It is no coincidence that Oriol is favourite to become the next President as his Party leads the polls for the Independence Parties.

We have seen teachers charged with inciting hatred for allowing classroom discussions on the recent plebiscite and its ramifications for Catalonia and democracy.

We have seen the Chief of Police Josep Lluís Trapero demoted and sent to a remote country police station because he would not advise the local Mossos d’Esquadra Force to join in the brutalizing of the Catalan people.



The 5 Catalan TV Stations and all the press are now under Madrid control the restrictions go as far as not being allowed to mention the Referendum of Oct1st or make any reference to the violence.

Words like Independence,Puigdemont, Referendum can never be used, The world famous Barcelona Fountains Light Show is not allowed to use the colour yellow in its nightly display.

The wearing of yellow scarfs or ribbons in the street is forbidden,if police see you they send you home ,if you refuse they will imprison you for sedition or some other equally terrifying charge.

We have even seen police removing yellow ribbons and decorations from public Christmas Trees .

Madrid has banned all the parties from using certain words during this open and free election.

There is even talk of making the Catalan Flag illegal, there have been reports of the Guardia going round towns and villages noting down addresses of those displaying the flag.

I might be on a list as I have my Catalan Flag on display.

It has also been noted that there are some houses receiving excessive numbers of polling cards and in some cases to people no longer living in these residencies,or indeed living on this planet.

Madrid has also banned all international observers at the polling stations or more importantly at the counting of the votes.

This reminds me of that famous quote :-

“It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (Joseph Stalin)

Some of you may have read the article in The National that puts the Independence Parties on course for a victory and a majority.


Let me ask you this,knowing all we do about the lengths Madrid have already gone to and knowing nobody will oversee a fair count would you be surprised if on the day there was a sudden “swing” to the unionist Parties?

Here is the nub of it all, if Spain gets away with stealing the democracy of the Catalans without so much as a whimper from the EU ,UN, all so called democracies ,how safe is anyone’s democracy?

Therefore tomorrow as the voting stations open I will be putting on my bright yellow jumper,my yellow scarf and going downtown for a long walk,it is my only way of showing my solidarity with the Catalan people and my love of democracy.

I would ask each and everyone of you to do similar ,as you go to work ,go to do some last minute shopping,whatever,wear a yellow ribbon,scarf,coat,gloves show some solidarity to the people of Catalonia and to democracy.

Let us turn Scotland yellow for the day.

The sad truth is this,if this election is stolen then by the time we all sit down to our turkey on Monday democracy could be ended as a concept and totalitarianism will be the new norm.

5 thoughts on “A Yellow Ribbon Might Just Save Your Democracy

  • Amazing post ! On these difficult times for our country, your insight and solidarity are a blow of fresh air helping us to pursue our convictions… Hoping tomorrow, against all those who hate our culture, our determination, our land, democracy will win and Catalunya will follow its long path to freedom… Thank You ! Núria

  • Excellent again and so true. Will need to buy something yellow for tomorrow. Good luck Catalonia all Free and Independence supporting people will be watching. Scotland gives you our live and support.

  • The Estelada will be flying here. Like you I fear Madrid will rig the vote. I wonder where that will take Catalunya. All the best to you and yours for the festive holidays.

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