A September Referendum.

You need to realise from the outset that any concession or new powers extracted from the Westminster elites is not given to Scotland to improve the lives of you or your family, it is done to make you easier to manage and control.

Ever since Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton By-election in November 1967 the British elite and their Scottish collaborators have been on the defensive attempting to put the independence genie back into the bottle.

Apart from a few minor disturbances, the Scots were cowed since the disaster of Culloden in 1745.

Suddenly here was the Scottish nation rearing its independence head again and as always the London elite needed this nipped in the bud, crushed, and all notions of self-determination ground into dust.

They offered sops like Regional Councils, The Scottish Grand Committee meeting in Edinburgh.

When none of these squashed the desire for more autonomy, they held the carrot of an Assembly with minimal powers.

This however was a bridge too far for many of the unionists and it was strangled at birth before it even came into being.

This was done by yet another Scottish collaborator, George Cunningham a Labour MP who will live on in infamy when we write the true history of Scotland, post Indy.


While still alive in 2012 this collaborator wanted his 40%Rule reintroduced into the Independence Referendum of 2014.

We all know about The Vow, The Smith Commission, and all the lies and subterfuge that has happened since our Referendum in 2014.

When we had the recent General Election, the collaborators for the London based Parties were offering all sorts of incentives to gain support from the gullible, and it worked.

They told the Fishermen vote for them and they would end the CFP during Brexit negotiations.

They told Farmers they would replace EU grants with some of this £350 million from the side of the red bus.

They told their voters they would defend the Waspi women, they would talk up and stand up for Scotland.

Then of course as soon as they got to Westminster they forgot everything they promised and did exactly what London wanted.

Well now the chickens are coming home to roost, yesterday it all kicked off with the EU giving the Little Englanders and their Brexit sheep a big wake up call.

The EU on Wednesday offered Britain a free trade deal that fell well short of ambitions set out by Theresa May last week, notably for the country’s dominant financial sector.

Post Brexit Britain’s financial firms would only be allowed to operate in the EU “under host state rules”, reflecting “the fact that the UK will become a third country and the European Union and the UK will no longer share a common regulatory, supervisory, enforcement and judiciary framework.

It can be no coincidence that not long after the EU response to the UK wish list this killer blow announcement came from one of the City of London’s big Finance Houses, it won’t be the last.

Euroclear, the financial clearing house, has confirmed it is shifting the residence of its holding company from the UK to Brussels due to Brexit.

“We want to redomicile the company to the eurozone. It will be in Belgium as it’s where most of our business operations are. We are preparing to launch a transfer of arrangement sometime after the summer,” Lieve Mostrey, Euroclear’s chief executive

Euroclear was founded in 1968 to settle trades in the nascent eurobond market and today holds around €29 trillion of clients’ assets.

That is a big chunk of revenue that is being lost to the City of London and this is only one of many either moving out or already relocated.

In the EU Statement in response to the UK wish list I think this by Donald Tusk is the most telling from a Scottish perspective.

“The EU also envisions continued cooperation on fishing policy and access to each others’ waters”

That would be your CFP intact, I would suggest, seems those fishermen that put their trust in Tories were like so many over so many decades, duped by Tory lies.

Each day another indicator that this nonsense of Brexit is going to be disastrous for the entire UK, especially Scotland and The City of London.

I don’t know the strategy of Nicola and the SNP, let alone timescales however I would humbly suggest we need to move as quickly as possible.

I have always favoured a referendum around Sept/ Oct of this year, giving us time to negotiate with both EU and London before RUK leaps off of the Brexit cliff.

I notice some in the Movement think this date is impractical for all sorts of logistical reasons.

Let me put that to bed, IMHO not now, in fact, never again will Westminster agree to a Section30 arrangement with Scotland.

The only reason we had the Edinburgh Agreement last time was because Independence was sitting at 28% in the polls and the Scottish Collaborators from the 3 UK Parties were telling their London bosses this was the magic bullet to finally slay the SNP dragon.

Now they know it is at least at 45%, I think much higher, they know we are not going away and all they are doing now is playing for time to rape and pillage as many Scottish resources as they possibly can before the inevitable Independence verdict.

Therefore it is logical to accept they are not going to help us by agreeing a Section 30 now or ever again they have so much stealing to do and transferring of wealth from poor to rich to conclude.

We need to hold an advisory referendum and be campaigning for it through the warmer summer months when we can put our troops on the street.

They hold the broadcasters and press they operate as effectively in any weather, our strength is our grassroots footsoldiers they are best deployed in the better weather.

Those of you advocating March 2019 ,this means campaigning during worst months of the year.

Supposing we get another beast from the east next February just before a referendum ?

September / October this year, let’s do it Nicola, Spring Conference would be a great launch pad.

The troops are ready,willing and eager to go,all we need is you to say the word.

3 thoughts on “A September Referendum.

  • That all makes a lot of sense to me at least. No use keeping your powder dry if you delay firing the starting gun. (Or is that mixing too many metaphors — LOL!)

    Afterthought : I wonder if Cameron’s ‘success’ with the Indy Ref. inspired him to call the EU vote, assuming that Brexit would equally be put away for a generation?

  • I don’t know enough to have any confident opinion one way or t’other but this reads like sound sense and echoes what Peter Bell’s been saying, therefore…it’s good enough for me.

  • I absolutely agree with your reasoning. We’re already preparing, in my neck of the woods. Just fire the gun Nicola, we’re good to go!

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