A Guid Ending to 2017

Like most of you I intend to enjoy my Christmas as much as is possible,therefore this will be the last blog for a while.

The excellent result here in Catalonia yesterday is as good away as any to sign off on 2017.

Maybe when the boredom kicks in or those sneaky Brits try to do something while we are all distracted I will feel the need to write something .

We have ended the year with the British Government in total disarray,humiliation in Brexit talks,Damien Green resigning under a cloud of pornography and lies.

Mark Garnier isn’t resigning because when he asked his assistant to buy him a sex aid toy and called her sugar tits this occurred before his promotion to Minister, so by British logic that does not count as unacceptable behaviour.

Brexit Minister David Davis promised to resign if Green was sacked for watching porn and cracking one off during working hours, he has not resigned,then again he is a Tory so why should we be surprised he is still in his Minister for Giving EU open goals role.

Another day and another Tory in Scotland outed as a racist homophobic like all the previous ones recently he has been photographed in the recent past with Rooth the Mooth

In any other country in the world all of this would lead to massive outrage from the 4th Estate with hour long documentaries on the corruption,lies and incompetence of our governance.

However this is UK and the 4th Estate is not on the side of the people holding the corrupt British Government to account,it is part of the corruption and much prefers to hold the people to account for the ruling elite,than protect the people from the deceit and lies.

This being the colony of Scotland we had to depend on the ever vigilant WOS to expose this latest scandal.

Fit to be tied

The BBC in Scotland went one step further yesterday on the last FMQs before the recess.

The Unionists pathetic attempts at SNP were so bad Nicola easily brushed them aside.

We had Marrow Man himself, the ever bouncy Richard Leonard giving our Nicola the easiest ever FMQs by suddenly seeing the advantage of small independent nations being more successful than those tied into lopsided unions and wanted to know what SNP were going to do about this terrible situation in Scotland,SNP Bad don’t ya know?.

Our FM did not miss the opportunity and to tumultuous applause and much merriment she welcomed Leonard’s conversion to the side of Independence,his stupidity laid bare for all to see, except that this is Scotland and our foreign owned media is corrupt ,none more so than the ever Uber loyal BBC.

In its reporting of the day’s proceedings,the top of the bill has to be the skewering of Dick Leonard ,however Brian Taylor and the BBC Scottish News team managed instead to bring us a ‘human’ story of poor Jackie Baillie so grief stricken by the terrible tragedy of Cameron House that when praising the emergency services she was slightly tearful.

This distraction allowed Aunty Beeb to keep the illusion of British perfection intact and hides the bouncing disaster that is Leonard from the Scottish viewers.

I suspect just like the failed attempts of Spanish Government in Catalonia which spectacularly crashed and burned with an independinista majority in Barcelona,the efforts of BBC will come to naught eventually.

For all the corruption,distortion and manipulation by the Brits and their tame media collaborators,I truly believe in the old saying, ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time ………..”

We ,like the Catalans have right on our side and we shall prevail,in the meantime have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year.

It might just be the happiest year of our lives, and I truly believe that it will be.

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