Square go time!

Coming from Glasgow, it was ingrained into me never to allow myself to be bullied. I am sure many of you were taught the same lesson, never back down to bullies. It is not always easy to muster up the necessary courage to stand up to intimidation. What my old man told me was always Read more about Square go time![…]

The Numbers Just Dont Add Up.

I like to think of myself as a logical type of guy that is why when at school I struggled with Algebra and Physics. My wee daft brain just could not understand how you can add, multiply and divide letters with numbers. So Who Voted Yes and Who Voted No? The second day of Algebra Read more about The Numbers Just Dont Add Up.[…]

Scotland’s Apocalypse.

I have an unwritten rule with my grandchildren”the answer is yes, now what is the question?”

Westminster has the polar opposite rule when it comes to Scotland it is always, no you can’t, no you won’t, it is the one constant from London’s ruling elite.

We are hurtling towards the Brexit rocks and the only thing left in the control of the shysters in London is the UK, its resources and its governance.

That is why they are now trying to neuter Holyrood and take all the meaningful powers back to the centre at Westminster.

Northern Ireland and Wales are already safely back in the bosom of Mother England and the Tory vice like grip, only Scotland stands in the way of Westminster completely dismantling the Devolution Settlement and putting the spivs back in total control of the entire UK.

The things hated most by the right wing neo-cons are Democracy, the NHS and the Welfare State these must be destroyed and the ruling elite never challenged, never questioned, everyone must know their place in the ideal right wing Tory utopian world. […]

You Yes Yet?

The pattern in abusive relationships is tragically very predictable. The abuser carries on regardless until one day the abused says “I can’t take any more of this I am moving out.” I am taking the kids, and I am going to start a new life on my own with the children and as far away Read more about You Yes Yet?[…]

#Dissolve The Union

I have never openly criticized the SNP, other YES Bloggers, or supporters of the YES Movement. I am not going to start now however I feel I need to express my belief on what should have happened over the past four years and what I personally think needs to happen next. Over the weekend there Read more about #Dissolve The Union[…]