Brexit Solved

I can write this solution for the UK Gov Brexit and Scottish secession dilemmas safe in the knowledge that the arrogance and pomposity of the Little Englanders is such they would not accept such a sensible solution to their problems. Others and I have been pointing out since the Leave Vote that the Irish Border Read more about Brexit Solved[…]

Why Believe The Foreign Owned Media Now?

A lot of people are getting themselves upset over what British Foreign owned and run media are suggesting Nicola Sturgeon is thinking as regards an Independence Referendum. This is the same shower of charlatans and lobbydossers that suggested Nicola would never call a Referendum until the opinion polls for at least 3 months showed a Read more about Why Believe The Foreign Owned Media Now?[…]

Is There a Better Reason for Independence?

I would like to apologise that over the past few weeks I have not been writing much. I could say it is because Holyrood and Westminster are in recess, that however would be a lie. There is plenty going on to keep me busy writing all the time, the pending disaster that is Brexit reveals Read more about Is There a Better Reason for Independence?[…]

The Post-Brexit British Isles.

The Governor of The Bank of England revealed yesterday that The bank ran a study on the effects of a No Deal Brexit. The findings are quite alarming it noted that property prices will plummet by a whopping 33%, interest rates will go up to 4%, unemployment up to 9%, and we will have a full-blown Read more about The Post-Brexit British Isles.[…]

Is It Over Yet?

Things are moving so quickly I am worried that by the time I finish writing, editing and publishing this blog things will have shifted yet again. The one thing however that won’t change is that we in the United Kingdom live in a sham democracy. We have no written constitution, an iffy FPTP voting system Read more about Is It Over Yet?[…]

Square go time!

Coming from Glasgow, it was ingrained into me never to allow myself to be bullied. I am sure many of you were taught the same lesson, never back down to bullies. It is not always easy to muster up the necessary courage to stand up to intimidation. What my old man told me was always Read more about Square go time![…]

The Numbers Just Dont Add Up.

I like to think of myself as a logical type of guy that is why when at school I struggled with Algebra and Physics. My wee daft brain just could not understand how you can add, multiply and divide letters with numbers. So Who Voted Yes and Who Voted No? The second day of Algebra Read more about The Numbers Just Dont Add Up.[…]