Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

I watched Peter Bell on STV last night, it is the first time in a long time I have watched anything from that station or any other British propaganda station. I only watched it because I have a great deal of time for Peter and think he says, writes, behaves and acts in a manner Read more about Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing[…]

Time for SNP to be more Radical.

l make a point of never attacking another Yes blogger or the SNP directly in my blogs or podcasts, enough of our many enemies do enough of that without me giving them any succour. This weekend that has just gone has shown the paucity of Labour under Corbyn and the unreliability of the media with Read more about Time for SNP to be more Radical.[…]

The People Have Spoken.

I said some weeks ago that I felt the HOOP Demonstration in Edinburgh had kicked off the Independence campaign. Saturday’s March in Glasgow seemed to confirm that, and in some style too. The Unionist commentariat and the 5th Column hacks have done everything to try and underplay the size and significance of the event in Read more about The People Have Spoken.[…]

Psst! The Referendum Campaign has begun.

All over England today the voters are going to the polls, as a political anorak I suppose I should be interested, in truth I just can’t be arsed, I have no interest. The three main protagonists are all Londoncentric Parties with virtually the same ideology and viewpoint as each other, they have policies and sound Read more about Psst! The Referendum Campaign has begun.[…]

This Abusive Union.

Over the weekend despite dodging, diving, denying, lying Amber Rudd had to bend to the inevitable and resign as Theresa May’s Human Shield. This act need not be fatal to Amber’s ambitions in government, just ask Dr Fox or Michael Gove from this present government or you could ask Peter Benjamin Mandelson, or as he prefers Read more about This Abusive Union.[…]

Unionism is an unhealthy addiction.

The speed of the capitulation by the British Labour Party in Wales yesterday came as no surprise to many of us that are not members of that Britnat Unionist cult. The British elite must be sniggering at just how easy it was to get the gullible Welsh Brits to fall into line with what London Read more about Unionism is an unhealthy addiction.[…]

Theresa May’s Dilemma

I have been saying since way back last year that the Irish Border question would be the undoing of all the Brexit nonsense for our Little Englanders. The news of the last week coming out of the EU seems to be getting in sync with my predictions. The UK have been given just ten weeks Read more about Theresa May’s Dilemma[…]

Ireland,Brexit’s Achilles Heel.

I have been telling you since last year the whole Irish Border question would scupper The Little Englanders Brexit utopian nonsense and so it is proving. Theresa May’s plan for avoiding a hard border was subjected to “a systematic and forensic annihilation” this week by the EU. “It was a detailed and forensic rebuttal. It Read more about Ireland,Brexit’s Achilles Heel.[…]

Unionist Hierarchy.

The latest farce to befall Theresa May and her incompetent crew is one that even this slippery PM might find difficult to deflect on to someone else, although I suspect that won’t stop her trying, I refer of course to the Windrush deportations. Though I expect in the first instance Theresa May will throw Amber Read more about Unionist Hierarchy.[…]

Nicola Sturgeon and the Beijing Mini Bar Scandal.

Over the past week or so social media has been awash with Yes supporters demanding that the SNP do something about the foreign owned media and broadcaster’s constant lies. These outpourings have ranged from employing a “Rebuttal & Press Team” to SNP Ministers, MSPs and MPs refusing to be interviewed or appear on British TV. Read more about Nicola Sturgeon and the Beijing Mini Bar Scandal.[…]