5th Column Hypocrisy

Like many of you I am disgusted and fed up with the hypocrisy and double standards of our Unionist opponents in the Parliament, media, broadcasting and social media.

They are happy to be judge, jury and executioner against anyone of an independence mind be that SNP MPs past or present, councillors, bloggers, ordinary individuals on social media, or anyone at all that does not submit to Little Englander overlordship as they do.

They are quick to pounce, accuse and pass judgement on the flimsiest of evidence and in many cases, like Michelle Thomson, Alex Salmond with zero evidence of any wrong doing whatsoever, a mere accusation is enough for the collaborators and 5th Column in the media to swing into action and spew poison.

The exact opposite reaction, of course, happens when it is Britnats/Unionists that are accused, even although there may have been convictions or written irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing the mere fact of being anti Scotland still affords the Unionists protection by our compliant little London helpers who merely turn the other way and ignore any Britnat wrongdoing.

Being a British politically connected paedophile, racist, religious bigot, holocaust denier or wife beater gives you protection not afforded to any other members of Scottish society, just as long as you are on the same side as the British State and oppose Scottish self-determination you will be ok, at worst you will be a one day news item on page14 Column 4.

Not to worry if you are a felon as long as you are an elected Britnat your party will never be mentioned when there is a reference to your wrongdoing, you will merely be MP for …,Local Councillor, a Mayor or Provost.

You are unlikely to be doorstepped and for sure neither Ruthie, Richard or Wee Willie Winky will ever be asked to condemn your actions for to do so would implicate UK politics in something wrong and that just cannot be allowed to happen.

By the same token if you are an SNP councillor that was to be prosecuted for throwing a cigarette butt out of your car window, the headlines would sound as if you were solely responsible for global warming and the melting of the polar caps.

Nicola Sturgeon would be doorstepped and asked if she was considering resigning because of your heinous crimes against humanity.

This British rhetoric will increase greatly the nearer we get to the referendum, we just need to be aware and be ready when they start their nonsense.

The simple rule of thumb is this, if you must read a British paper or listen to the British TV or radio assume you are being lied to, for on most occasions when it comes to Scotland, Brexit, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Dark Money, The Royal Family you are being lied to, bear that in mind and you won’t feel so aggrieved when the lies are exposed.

There will come a day of reckoning when these people in the 5th Column Media  protecting and projecting UK interests are no longer required by the British State and when that day comes they will find that they are suddenly social pariahas on either side of the border and all their lies, distortions and mistruths over the years will have been to no avail as they and their families have to pay a heavy price for their dishonesty and betrayal.

I for one will not shed a single tear or lift a finger to help any one of them.

1 thought on “5th Column Hypocrisy

  • @barrheadboy

    I fear too many in YES think that their experience in 2014 referendum will give them the upper hand this time or that the “5th Columnist” are weaker now they have exposed..

    YES may have learnt a lot from their mistakes and the dangers of Westminster and their propagander-ists….but YES needs to realise that Westminster may have learnt more.

    2014 Indyref was just a small scale warmup. Brexit was a step up. BUT….the big demonstration of the strength of Westminster’s propaganda machine is the 2017 general election. Never has such a poor campaigner with nothing to say kept hold of power. No debate, only stage managed appearances, only pre-feted media questions. In any normal analysis the Tories should have been routed to their worst outcome.

    More worryingly for YES are the 2017 Unionist gains in Scotland…

    YES supporters may decry “dark money” or “press bias or” “Cambridge Analytica”….But those are the same tools of the powerful you will fight again this time. Westminster knows its doesn’t matter how they get the result. There are no consequences for underhanded tactics…just look at Brexit and the lack of accountability for the seemingly never-ending series of election anomalies.

    YES needs to go into this fight with their eyes open…knowing the power of they are facing. Even better, YES need to move the playing field and turn the 5th Columnist’s words against themselves.

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