They Fear You.

I have spoken to quite a few people recently that have said they are just fed up with all the doom and gloom of politics and just want it all to go away.

Every time they switch on the TV or open a paper it is all about how bad the SNP are at doing anything and everything.

It is constant and it is planned, the elite do not care whether or not you believe their lies and smears, they just want you disinterested, disengaged, detached from everything.

They want you to leave them to take care of the entire complicated boring mess, code for let them steal and pillage at will, uninterrupted.

The biggest scare that the elite had from 2014 was that you all became politically aware you started to question everything.

The ruling elite and their backers do not like being asked questions, they do not like being held to account.

They want deference, obedience, complacency the last thing they need or want is scrutiny.

Have you noticed the way our propagandists that work for the foreign owned media react when you call them out on their lies and disinformation?

How many of you have been blocked on FB or Twitter by, Torrance ,Leasky, Gordon, Clegg, Cochrane, Daisley etc for just asking a question?

They long for a return to the days when there was no internet ,no Google, no questions asked.

They loathe the new media, and they hate the way their distortions and lies are debunked before the ink on the newsprint has had time to dry.

You just have to see and hear the venom used when Wings Over Scotland is mentioned or quoted.

Unfortunately, some on our side give them succor by joining in the condemnation of arguably the only investigative journalist in the entire debate.

Politicians are even worse, Ruth Davidson has more faces than a town hall clock more positions than a compass.

She wilts at the first sign of a probing question that is why our foreign owned media and broadcasters only ever interview her on topics that allow her to waffle and have a good SNP hatefest.

Richard Leonard is so glaikit his lies and distortions do not even make headlines, instead they make punch lines.

You are all too well informed, too knowledgeable and they find it almost impossible to manage you or the message.

That is why some Spad somewhere came up with this tactic of attrition, a constant barrage of negativity and doom to bore us all into submission.

They want to remove the last vestige of that 2014 enthusiasm we all displayed when we envisioned a New Scotland.

The United Kingdom at the top depends on patronage and privilege, if that is removed those and such as those cannot dine at the trough on the backs of the poor unless we are all looking the other way.

We have the nonsense in Scotland of SLAB they have been telling us since 1900 that they will abolish The House of Lords.

Yet twice a year the leader of the Labour Party nominates Labour Peers to that abomination to democracy, how that is going to abolish the HOL only Labour know.

SLAB tell us they hate WMD and want them removed so they vote to spend £200 billion+ to renew them.

They tell us austerity is a curse, yet every time the Tories introduce further measures to increase austerity Labour either abstain or vote with the Tories.

They tell us that they are the Party of Devolution, yet they oppose every measure to increase or strengthen our Devolution.

The Tories are just Tories when these 13 pukes were elected to Westminster we were assured they would vote as a block for Scotland.

They have certainly voted as a block, and only problem is, it is never for Scotland’s best interests only ever for the Tories best interests.

Let us be clear their best interest is London, England, the status quo and nothing else.

Labour and the Tories have always been duplicitous especially in Scotland, they both colluded in hiding our Oil wealth, highlighted in the McRone Report.

The problem, for them, now is we know, we have the internet, it informs us and they hate it,why else do you think at Davos, May chose to talk about censoring the internet instead of talking about the economy or Brexit.

If they can control the internet, they can get back to controlling us and enjoy that wee two party dictatorship in the imperial Westminster Palace.

My advice to you is not to let them win, keep active, keep questioning, keep campaigning, keep scrutinizing, keep believing, keep working.

The end game is playing out before your very eyes, and you are in the middle of tomorrow’s history, make sure you are on the right side, Scotland’s side.

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