Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing

In these blogs I have always made it a point to never ‘attack’ The SNP, fellow independence bloggers or supporters. I have even stayed silent when some of the so called new media behaved more like Britnat mouthpieces than the voice of the unrepresented Independence Supporters. The reason that so many new media outlets support Read more about Loyalty Is A Two Way Thing[…]

False History

We in the YES Movement/ SNP are constantly being accused of anti- Englishness. It is a false accusation and in reality it is what psychologists refer to as Psychological projection by our English neighbours and our British Nationalist opponents. Our Little Englander neighbours have all sorts of nicknames for those not ‘fortunate’ enough to have Read more about False History[…]

Time to Go

The closer Scotland gets to leaving the confines of the British Union the more desperate and vile  our opponents become even on matters of who is entitled to have children and which members of society are not allowed to have kids. Many have already written, posted, tweeted their disgust at the appalling Ms Ballantyne’s disgraceful Read more about Time to Go[…]

Britnat Hypocrisy

There are many adjectives, words and phrases to describe the hardcore British Nationalists, unfortunately for them none of them are complementary, inclusive or do their cause any good. Arrogant, hypocritical, abusive, false sense of superiority, anti-democratic, xenophobic, condescending, dishonest, aggressive, angry, bullying, threatening, negative. Yesterday I decided to adopt a position of zero tolerance towards Read more about Britnat Hypocrisy[…]

Your Choice Scotland

Social media is awash with people from all over England and Wales heading to London for the big People’s Vote, March and Demonstration. I applaud their efforts and fully support their right to march and protest, however just as with the proposed GCC workers strike next week I do not support the actual protest or Read more about Your Choice Scotland[…]

two down, one to go

We Are The People.

Back in 1989 as Thatcherism was running amok throughout Scotland there had been some talk of a Scottish dimension to UK politics this was in the main ‘championed’ by The Labour Party and used by the Liberal Party to appear relevant, in reality they were both working in self-interest, not the interest of Scotland the Read more about We Are The People.[…]

The News You Are Not Getting.

I purchased a new TV Box on my recent trip to Dubai it enables me to watch television and movies from all over the world I would be lost without it here in Catalonia. I rarely watch any news or current affairs programmes from the UK, instead I choose to get my information from foreign Read more about The News You Are Not Getting.[…]

Our Cause v The British Union

Just like another 100,000+ people on Saturday I had the great pleasure of walking down the Royal Mile into Holyrood Park to exact my democratic right and to show my desire for an Independence Referendum for my country. Although many have tried to relay the intensity and sheer joy of the entire day I think Read more about Our Cause v The British Union[…]