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March or Starve?

I have mentioned in my podcasts and blogs that it is my belief there is a huge shock coming to the people of the United Kingdom. Irrespective of anyone’s politics, location, colour or creed the Brexit fall out will have huge ramifications for practically everybody in the political construct known as the United Kingdom. The Read more about March or Starve?[…]

Through a Scottish Prism

Angus Brendan MacNeil MP

My pleasure  this week to be chatting with Angus MacNeil MP for Na h-Eileanan an lar. We had a great discussion on everything that is going on at present around Brexit, AUOB, Independence Referendum, Westminster shenanigans possible General Election, Irish Border question. Angus has so much relevant useful information that he imparted, please digest and share his Read more about Angus Brendan MacNeil MP[…]

Written to my Grandchildren 18th September 2014

I wrote this on the famous day, I think it is still relevant and still my motivation.   It is now the 18th of September 2014 it is one if not the most important days in the history of our beloved nation, Scotland. The dye is cast, what will be, will be, the voters of Read more about Written to my Grandchildren 18th September 2014[…]

You thought Suez was embarrassing?

Many historians point to the Suez Crisis of October 1956 as the seminal moment that signaled the end of Britain as a global power. In effect the joint Anglo French Israeli attack on Egypt was stopped dead in its tracks by a single phone call from US President Eisenhower. This was a humiliation for the Read more about You thought Suez was embarrassing?[…]


I flew back this week from Dubai and while waiting on my departure I happened to glance up at the television screen in the bar and noticed that they were showing some WWE Wrestling. Those of you, not familiar with this form of entertainment, it is wrestling of a sort, though to the participants of Read more about WWE & WW-ESTMINSTER[…]

Bravehearts, not Fearties required.

This past week we have seen some attacks on the independence movement regarding the Yes Rally this Saturday in George Square, Glasgow. This ‘Friendly fire’ has come from a few sources, one being an MP who it seems has allowed the privilege of representing the SNP to go to his head and for him to Read more about Bravehearts, not Fearties required.[…]

Scottish Prism Promotion

I had the very great pleasure this week to welcome to my Through A Scottish Prism Show my fellow blogger and Independinista  MacAlba, We discussed some of the week’s events that affect Scotland as well as his recent blog on the alternatives to holding a straightforward Yes/ No plebiscite. It has already generated a great Read more about Scottish Prism Promotion[…]