Scotland’s Apocalypse.

I have an unwritten rule with my grandchildren”the answer is yes, now what is the question?”

Westminster has the polar opposite rule when it comes to Scotland it is always, no you can’t, no you won’t, it is the one constant from London’s ruling elite.

We are hurtling towards the Brexit rocks and the only thing left in the control of the shysters in London is the UK, its resources and its governance.

That is why they are now trying to neuter Holyrood and take all the meaningful powers back to the centre at Westminster.

Northern Ireland and Wales are already safely back in the bosom of Mother England and the Tory vice like grip, only Scotland stands in the way of Westminster completely dismantling the Devolution Settlement and putting the spivs back in total control of the entire UK.

The things hated most by the right wing neo-cons are Democracy, the NHS and the Welfare State these must be destroyed and the ruling elite never challenged, never questioned, everyone must know their place in the ideal right wing Tory utopian world. […]

UK UNION 1707-20?? R.I.P.

Never in the history of the British Union, not even when England was a stand-alone entity have the ruling elite in London been so weak.

Many say that the UK was in most danger during WWII, I disagree, the UK is now on the road to certain oblivion. It is only a matter of time, one, two years maximum and the Union will become a mere footnote in the history books.

During WWII only massive luck and the skill of the pilots during the Battle of Britain saved these islands from being under German occupation in 1940.

Historians have written countless pages on the unpreparedness of the UK at that time.

They were involved in a conflict in Europe and had not planned properly for that eventuality.

Plus ça change, huh?

This Brexit farce is nearing conclusion, this time there are no pilots and it will take more than a slice of luck to rescue the UK from this self-inflicted disaster.

Next week there is the final EU summit (with no UK participation) where the leaders of the other nations are supposed to agree or disagree on the semblance of a draft agreement for UK’s withdrawal, after this it should just be minor tinkering with the finer details.

In reality we have not even got beyond the starting position from two years ago.

Then the EU set out it’s red lines that had to be addressed EU citizens in UK, UK citizens in EU, the ‘divorce settlement’ and of course the border question in Ireland.

Ireland more than all the others is the biggest problem for Brexit and the Brexiteers.

The problem in this, of course, is there is no draft agreement, because we never managed to get past phase one despite all the fudge and smoke and mirrors from the Government and their Propagandists in the media, in the two years since the Brexit vote the numpties in London have still not come up with a coherent sensible plan that is acceptable to our European partners and the constituent parts of the UK.

The only thing the Tories have managed to coalesce around is the stripping back of Devolution and bringing everything back to the centre giving Westminster total control of the entire UK.

The only reason they have managed this is because there is no need to compromise, nobody with bigger clout than them.

They can do what they have done since 1707, bully their way to an outcome that suits England only.

From the outset, despite the jingoistic nonsense from our Little Englander politicians and media the UK Government has been on the back foot, the EU has always had the upper hand and this will continue till the inevitable conclusion.

There was of course no contingency plan for the Leave result, then because of all the different factions in the Tory Party no agreement could be reached showing a united front to the EU.

We have the hard Brexiteers like JRM, Gove, Davis, Fox, Redwood wanting just to leave completely, never mind the agreement or carnage just get as far away from Johnny Foreigner as possible and fingers crossed all will be alright on the night.

Then we have the Ken Clarke, Damian Green, Justine Greening, etc. who wish a softer exit and possibly remaining in The Customs Union and Single Market.

This circle cannot be squared of course, so Theresa May just bumps along obviously hoping some miracle or EU cave in might just happen.

Since 1066 the ruling elite of London has always managed to get their own way either by gunboat diplomacy or bribery and corruption.

None of these options come into play on this occasion and unlike the British Union where the Little Englanders always get their own way the European Union cannot just be ignored and told to eat their cereal.

The UK Government is fighting on so many fronts and to date it does not have a solution to any of these problems.

On the island of Ireland, the EU has been quite specific, there must be no hard border.

The problem for Theresa May is the only solution to that is to remain in the CU and SM to do that would enrage her right wing Tory fanatics and her pals in the DUP.

This would mean Theresa would get the tap on the shoulder from the men in grey suits, it could also lead to the collapse of the entire government, so it is safe to say a coward like May won’t go down that road.

Two other major problems for Big Tessa and the UK Government are that two of their outposts, remnants of empire, Gibraltar and The Falkland Islands are proving irksome.

Spain has made its position quite clear on Gibraltar, they want a resolution on the sovereignty of the Rock as part of any settlement.

They want joint control of the airport and border as a minimum, both of which are unpalatable to the Gibraltarians and the Little Englander imperialists, again this is a threat to Tessa personally and her government.

So she can’t give away the sovereignty, nor can she keep it and get a Brexit deal, Tessa is flummoxed.

Then we have the Falkland Isles.

I know this has probably got most of you scratching your head wondering how this outcrop in the southern Atlantic can be affected by Brexit.

The Falkland Islands’ government has sounded the alarm over leaving the EU single market, warning that the territory would take a “catastrophic” economic hit if it faces new tariffs and quotas as a result of Brexit.

The Falkland Islands’ fishing industry exports almost all of its fisheries to the EU.

The second problem for Tessa and the UK is barely reported to the British public,it is more strategic and again unacceptable to the Little Englander Imperialists.

“The EU will refuse to back UK in United Nations votes over the Falkand Islands after Brexit a former ambassador has suggested.

Other countries regard the UK’s loss of influence since the Leave vote “as a shark would regard blood in the water”, Lord Hannay told a parliamentary inquiry.”

Therefore, Argentina is watching developments and will again take its case to the UN where Little UK will be left all alone, unless the man that cages children decides to help them out, and why would he?

What is in it for him, oh yeah that’s right a National Health Service and somewhere to dump his chlorinated chicken and chemical filled beef.

That Lord Hannah told this to a Westminster Parliamentary Committee did not go down well with those Little Brits that actually still believe that the UK has some clout and importance in the world.

Therefore, it has hardly been reported or mentioned since because it just does not fit into the narrative of Empire2. Post Brexit.

These factors all explain why it is vital to English elite interests that the Scottish Parliament is neutered and that the Scottish resources and the ability to trade away Scottish Fisheries, Farming, Renewables, Fracking and Scottish land for future development of nuclear power stations can only happen if London has total control and Holyrood is reduced to the Parish Council Tony Blair always hoped for.

There is little scope for manoeuvre in the Brexit withdrawal for the UK and this means the spivs and elite need other forms of income and industries to exploit.

Scotland is resource rich, and the parasites that have always inhabited London see Scotland as their only future source of earning.

Always remember when trying to understand the logic of Tories, follow the money.

Now we can all just accept this and let it happen, or we can redouble our efforts to get our country out of this vile accursed corrupt Union and rejoin the sensible independent nations of the world as an equal partner.

Our Celtic cousins in Ireland will land a near fatal blow next week to the Union it is then up to us to take full advantage of this action and drive home our fight for independence.


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