10,000 Tanks & A Lying Tory

At the height of the Cold War, NATO was particularly worried about the might and vast number of Warsaw Pact armour that could be unleashed on the Western European countries. It was estimated that the Soviets had around 10,000 tanks that would roll across Europe, in contrast the NATO forces only had a fraction of Read more about 10,000 Tanks & A Lying Tory[…]

Sunday Interviews

The Sunday Interviews are interviews with prominent politicians and people with an interest in politics. Broadcast at midday every Sunday on barrheadboy.com. Interviewees so far – Tommy Sheridan – Peter A Bell – Kirsten Oswald – Mark Hirst – Mike Dailly – Julie Hepburn – Chris McEleny – Doug Daniel – Jason Michael McCann – James Dornan – Read more about Sunday Interviews[…]

Reform or Referendum?

All this week unionists throughout Scotland and beyond have been getting very agitated about the Growth Commission publication and the probability of a new independence referendum. Ruth Davidson herself admitted the union had to change to survive, it is not often that girl gets anything right however on this occasion I tend to agree with Read more about Reform or Referendum?[…]

Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.

With four days to go until the publication of the SNP Growth Commission Report the Unionists are already in meltdown and decrying it’s findings. They are so panicked by the very thought of Independence that they are willing to lose what little credibility they still have to get themselves down to the Lord Haw-Haw Studios Read more about Battle Stations for Friday’s Unionist Nonsense.[…]