Which Union is it to be?

There will be a hard Brexit there is no other possible outcome, let me remind you what Theresa May and her Tory Government said on the border issue in Ireland. The prime minister’s phase one of the EU agreement promised unreservedly no hard border, “including any physical infrastructure or related checks and controls.” There is Read more about Which Union is it to be?[…]

Victors write the History.

I was going to write a piece about the nonsense from Alex Cole-Hamilton and the foreign owned press hysteria regarding the SNP PPB however others more eloquent than me have covered this already,none more so than the very talented WGD. Being deafened by the “silenced” This is the classic unionist cringe strategy to protect the Read more about Victors write the History.[…]

Quitting Smoking & Voting Unionist.

We can all agree that during their 8 year tenure in Government at Holyrood SLAB got one thing right,The Smoking in the Workplace Bill . What isn’t as well known is that Stewart Maxwell SNP had produced a virtually similar proposal earlier than SLAB,in true ‘Willie Bain Principle’ they rejected it,renamed it and took the Read more about Quitting Smoking & Voting Unionist.[…]

There is No Tory Government and Scotland is already Independent.

I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful house in an idyllic location of the world,halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona in Catalonia,it is a lovely villa 1 1/2 kil. up in the hills with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean. I have this very unusual vista which all of the visitors to our home Read more about There is No Tory Government and Scotland is already Independent.[…]