The Best Laid Plans…

I am in the autumn of my days, my entire adult life I have believed in Self-Determination for my country of birth.

I have done my little bit along the way to help make Scottish Independence a reality.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s I believed in it as strongly as I do to this day.

The problem was I just couldn’t see a likelihood of the circumstances to make it happen aligning.

That all changed in May 2007 with the narrow SNP Holyrood victory.

I knew then we were talking about when, not if, we became an independent nation.

The reality of this was also noted by the elite of the British State and in the last 11 years they have intensified their campaign of eradicating Scotland the nation, Scotland the brand.

Ever since 1707 they have done everything to erase Scottishness from the Scottish people.

Our language has been Anglosized we have been led to believe using Scottish words or phrases, having a Scottish accent is somehow inferior to the accent and language of the Home Counties.

They have successfully merged Englishness with Britishness to make them interchangeable while bit by bit eradicating Scotland or Scottish as a brand.

When it has suited the elite, they talk about Britain, for example when English football fans riot overseas they are British not English.

North Sea Oil is British, not Scottish, Royal Bank of Scotland in its hey day when giving the Treasury £billions in taxes was British the day it failed it became a Scottish bank and liability.

The UK deficit is made in England by the elite however the Scots in particular, along with the Welsh and Northern Irish get accredited with 60% of this debt with only around 12% of the population.

The UK deficit last year for entire UK was £42.6 billion however our ruling elite and their Scottish collaborators spread the lie that Scotland accounts for £15 billion of this  deficit.

This ignores that until this year the Scottish Devolved Government could not borrow any money to run up a deficit.

The final stages of this English/ Britishness plan is in the final stages and it will happen unless we act together.

We all know that every time we go to the Supermarket and see the Union Flag plastered all over Scottish produce.

Scotland is the biggest food and drink exporting part of this Union with a global reputation and massive revenues.

This is being trashed by the London elite in their pursuit of holding on to Scotland’s vast natural resources and productive land and seas.

The UK Government taking Scotland’s Brexit Bill to the Supreme Court is yet another step in the power grab and eradication of Scotland.

We have had to fight tooth and nail for every concession ‘granted’ by that corrupt cesspit called The Houses of Parliament ever since 1707.

Throughout the time of Union there have been many, many Scots who have prospered by colluding and exchanging the fortunes of their country of birth for the cheap baubles and easy money of the British Union and its long gone Empire.

This was never a partnership of equals our bigger neighbour made sure of that.

They decided to gain dominance by bribery and chicanery because for centuries their tactic of gaining that dominance by force of arms had  always been repelled.

They found then as they do to this day many Scots that are willing to sell out Scotland under the pretence of equality of nations, Better Together if you like.

These collaborators lie to themselves and their fellow Scots.

They try to tell  us that the ruling elite down south view us as equals in this venture not as bought fools and a colony.

Watching and listening to the Unionist MPs in Westminster being so sycophantic to their ‘English betters’ and trashing our nation every day enrages and embarrasses me.

Fortunately though our elite in London have made a fatal error of judgement, who better to describe it than the bard himself, Rabbie Burns, “The best-laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain…..

Brexit has given us a unique window of opportunity that will enable us to take our case to the Scottish people before it is too late.

The Brexit fall guy, Dominic Rabb let it slip that a deal with the EU is weeks away, now whether or not this deal is acceptableto the EU or Brexiteers remains to be seen.

We will know in 3 weeks if it is deal or no deal, then our First Minister has all the information she requires to call the referendum.

Nobody can say that the Scottish Government didn’t try everything to reach an agreement that would have prevented an independence referendum even being on the table.

Fortunately, the arrogance of the British ruling elite could not tolerate being seen to have bent even an inch to Scots in their colony of Scotland.

They are about to reap the whirlwind of their arrogance and stupidity so my fellow patriots be prepared, a call to campaign is nigh.

Saor Alba gu brath.

3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  • “Nobody can say that the Scottish Government didn’t try everything to reach an agreement that would have prevented an independence referendum even being on the table.”

    Independence is NEVER off the agenda. A referendum was ALWAYS on the table. The cause of restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status predates the EU, never mind Brexit. That cause was NEVER dependent on any Brexit ‘deal’. Nicola Sturgeon had all the information she needed the moment the result of the 2016 EU referendum was known. There is no Brexit ‘deal’ which negates the democratic will of Scotland’s people.

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