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Social media is awash with people from all over England and Wales heading to London for the big People’s Vote, March and Demonstration.

I applaud their efforts and fully support their right to march and protest, however just as with the proposed GCC workers strike next week I do not support the actual protest or the strike, however I will defend their right to both of these actions.

I would say I fully support the women campaigners cause of equal pay. I am just saddened they are allowing themselves to be used as pawns by a load of corrupt Trade Union officials and a disgusting opportunist British Political Party.

In the long run I believe the women have lost a lot of the huge public sympathy they rightly had for their cause by allowing it to be used as a stick to attack the SNP and Scottish Independence.

The People’s Vote In London is IMHO a wasted effort, the elite for reasons not made public or apparent are hell bent on taking the UK out of the European Union no matter the cost to the country or the ordinary citizens of the UK and Ireland in this instance.

We all know that it is very, very likely the Brexit Referendum was won by illegal means, as it would seem were both the 2015 and 2017 UK General Elections, and possibly too the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014.

The same illegality was prevalent in all of these votes, illegal #darkmoney, overspending, false promises and accounting, illegal call centres, project fear, dishonest campaigning and internet activity and probable collusion with foreign powers that are large nuclear countries to our west and east.

Powerful people with vested interests did not want to see an Independent Scotland, a Labour Government or at least not wanting a complicit, corruptable, easily bought Tory Government ousted from power for reasons possibly to do with tax havens is why they want shot of the European Union.

The Tories could be trusted to deliver these two objectives for the elite.

These same shadowy creatures, like the rest of us know that Labour cannot be trusted to make a cup of tea, let alone keep election promises so they could not be allowed even the pretence of being in charge of the day to day running of UKPLC.

Do not believe for a nano second that the desire to leave the EU was for any high political ideals or giving you more democracy anymore than you should believe Iraq was anything to do with WMD.

When it comes to the UK and our governance always remember the golden rule,


None of these outcomes were to benefit the masses or ordinary folk, the elite only like the pretence of democracy, if the UK or US were ever to get anywhere near to actual democracies in its truest sense these same shadowy figures would have military coups up and running before you could say “George Galloway is a fanny!”

The people will march, and it will get a little MSM coverage and lots of social media hype however call me a cynic but I believe these demonstrators are a wasting their time, the dye is cast the elite want out of the EU and nothing, least of all democracy or right will prevail.

Remember when 1 million people marched to stop the Iraq War?

While the people were marching Dick Cheney was handing out the contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq post Shock and Awe .

There was plenty of $$$ to be made and lots of oil to steal, and besides the collateral damage the 1 million dead didn’t have a vote in US or UK, they were insignificant to the pursuit of even more wealth for the elite.

The only parts of the British Isles that have any say on UK Brexit are Ireland and Scotland.

Ireland has a veto, and Scotland has a mandate, let us hope both get used.

We Scots can get out of this madness by simply putting Xs in the appropriate box, if enough of us choose do that, nothing can prevent our independence not even U.K. Spooks interference.

Let us all then commit ourselves to convince enough of our fellow citizens that the time is now and the answer to the question must be, YES!



Saor Alba gu brath.


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  • In London visiting daughter decided on a way round Richmond park and a bar lunch rather than listen to Blair and snow(daughter learning Gaelic v proud) soar Alba gu brath

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