No need for ABBA we have Nicola

As the song goes “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” tonight I will sleep in my beloved Scotland.

I am really excited to get back home and see friends, drink a few pints of Tennents, get a fish supper a decent pakora and curry, ah the joys of being blessed and born a Scot.

Apart from checking out the flat and attending to a few ‘business’ matters I am home to march with my fellow independinistas at the Edinburgh AUOB on Saturday and on Sunday- Tuesday attend the SNP Conference.

I have not yet been to any of the AUOB Marches however my friends that have tell me I am in for a very uplifting experience and I cannot deny that I am very excited at the prospect and looking forward to meeting lots of friends old and new.

All Under One banner Edinburgh

I have been to lots of SNP Conferences my first one being away back in the 1970s.

I have always enjoyed them and get an enormous buzz by just being there surrounded by like-minded souls.

In those far off distant days the boost of meeting other SNP believers from all over Scotland was incredible, we had a handful of councillors and one MP, the late great Donald Stewart MP for the Western Isles and it wasn’t until 1974 in the second election that year we managed to make a breakthrough and elected 11 SNP MPs then we truly believed that this was us on the way, independence was imminent.

Alas, that was not the case and as we all know at the 1979 election we were decimated and the tide of independence subsided temporarily.

I only share this with you to tell you that you should be very grateful that we are where we are today.

I know many of you are getting very impatient to have the referendum and get to hell out of the UK before the Brexit Apocalypse devours our people and our democracy.

I am a little more circumspect as I remember how far we have come in such a relatively short space of time.

I remember the struggle to get to this lofty position that we have been in since 2011 where for the first time in 311 years we, the Scots old and new actually control our own destiny.

Come Saturday I just have to take a train journey, get off and join  the throng of fellow Yessers to meander through the streets of our beautiful capital and that way I make my contribution to the cause.

On Sunday I will pick up my delegate card take my seat and soak up the atmosphere it is all very pleasant and easy for me to do.

It is not quite so easy for our First Minister, she won’t boogie onto the stage to the strains of an ABBA tune looking like a pregnant duck just about to give birth that kind of stunt we leave to moronic Tory leaders.

Nicola will as always arrive with dignity she will conduct herself as a true leader of people she does not need gimmicks.

Her words will be measured, they will cover all the bases, however be assured of this, the forces of darkness will analyse every last word, every nuance for anything they can use to attack our FM, attack our cause, attack our voters, attack our nation.

I do not expect Nicola to give us a date for the upcoming referendum.

I do however expect her to give us a strong indication that it will definitely happen, just the date will be missing.

I agree with that tactic we should not give our opponents any idea when the day of liberation will be just that it is coming, we are ready, we are committed and we will not be diverted or prevented from having our moment at the ballot box.

Even now there are people amongst us that are pretending to be on our side they are the ones that are trying to sow the dissent within the movement.

They are the ones that will agitate the most for a specific date, they will suggest that the SNP have no desire for a new referendum and that we should abandon the SNP and find another vehicle to achieve our aims.

These people are lackeys of the British establishment sent to deploy that favourite of all British subterfuge, the famous divide and rule.

Ignore the naysayers, the negative voices, we are on the cusp we have never been stronger, more united, more determined and never before have we been more ready than we are at this time in history.

Nicola and her top team will have a plan, they will have a date, they will have a strategy and we need to trust their judgement.

We have to keep, doing what we are doing, marching, organising, leafleting, street stalls, talking, convincing, debating.

Remember this, the Britnats do not have the vision or ambition for our nation beyond us being a colony and a cash cow for London.

We have all the ambition for our nation we need to share that vision with our friends, our neighbours and fellow countrymen and women, if we do that properly we will prevail and we will be an independent nation once again.

Just think how much better it will be to be live in a country led by a true leader instead of being in a colony that is led by a daftie that has to boogie on to a conference platform to deflect from the paucity of her politics.

8 thoughts on “No need for ABBA we have Nicola

  • I hope they have solid plans for the ballot system, like blockchain, because this is another area we can be cheated and beaten down (postal votes, counting elsewhere etc).

    • Agree 100%. But I also have reservations on blockchain. Who is writing the code and how do we know it’s not changed before referendum? How do all voters, many with no internet links, participate? We must be confident our votes are safe.

  • There is the old.old saying, “Give then enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves”. and the Westminster English/British Nationalists show every sign of doing just that. Everything they have done of recent years has failed to have their desired effect of killing off the Scottish Independence Movement.

    The problem for the Britnats is they have only two alternative moves to make and neither of them is going to work but they show every sign of adopting the most idiotic choice. That is to ramp up what they are doing which has failed to stop the move towards a majority for independence.

    The more they use it the more people of Scotland see through their tactics and the closer to independence we get. There are many who view the unbelievably high percentage of postal vote NOs as evidence of jiggery-pokery and it was so high the last time that any efforts to increase it further will return 100% plus figures.

    Once people’s eyes are opened to the Westminster lies and the Britnat media controlled bias they can never be closed again and the tipping point is very, very close indeed.

  • @Barrhead boy

    Beware the injured bully. As Scotland gets closer to independence, Westminster will respond accordingly (drawing deeper into its bag of tactics).

    You are correct, YES has come a long way from the 70’s. However, this is not the 70’s and the risks to Scotland are now very different and real. Once Scotland said it wasn’t going back in its box, Westminster is now gunning for it.

    In the 70’s YES was an annoyance but no real threat…YES did not interrupt their political/economic agenda (and in fact they decimated Scotland). Now YES is a threat, Westminster is planning on taking full advantage of the disaster Brexit…Disaster capitalists need a disaster – so too disaster governance, for them it is an opportunity.

    Scotland must now be “impatient” as Westminster is actively marshalling its forces against Scotland and aims to eat its sovereignty hole.

    * HENRY VIII powers
    * A NEW ACT OF UNION – by Westminster
    * SCOTLAND OFFICE (massive expansion -why and what for)
    * EMERGENCY BREXIT – military + armed police
    * THE SEWEL CONVENTION (as worthless as “The Vow”)

  • First class comments… I was brought up as a Nationalist in the 50’s … my Dad was a Nationalist all his life, I remember the euphoria at home when Winnie won Hamilton ! BUT this time its really coming…no doubt about it… this time its… INDEPENDENCE.. !!!

    • yes, totally agree , been snp since allowed to vote and even before . we know how far the establishment will go to achieve their goal ,so, we must try and think ahead of them to counteract what they are going to do , that may be hard to predict , but I am sure we have the people to see what may happen

      • Me too never voted anything else and first joined the Party while I was still at school.
        I have to say although we have had some great leaders Nicola is just to me the right leader at the right time.

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