They think it’s all over, it is now!

I joined the SNP while still at school in the late 60s, I didn’t become really active in the Party till a decade later.

I do not know in that time how many leaflets I have delivered, tens of thousands at least.

Nor do I recall how many doors I have knocked, Branch Meetings, Constituency Meetings, Party Conferences, National Councils, fund raisers, etc. attended.

I have no idea what difference my efforts and those of so many great people I have been fortunate to meet along the way have made to where we find ourselves today.

I am however a little miffed that all the effort has been nothing in comparison to the fantastic yet unintentional efforts of the Tory Party in Westminster and Holyrood since 2015.

They have done more to advance the cause of Scottish self-determination than all my efforts.

This is now reaching such levels that I am almost tempted to believe that nobody can be this thick they must be deep plants of the independence movement.

I am now convinced that Dr. Robert McIntyre was an even smarter cookie than I imagined and he and Wendy Wood devised this plan to have Tory halfwits imbedded in the Scottish Tories and deployed to give us the final push over the line.

Nothing else makes sense, the 13 morons posing as MPs, the idiots sitting as Tory MSPs in Edinburgh, the complete waste of space appointed as Branch Manager at Holyrood the lobbydossers and fuds in Councils throughout Scotland, not forgetting the creme de la creme Mundell the Bamstick extraordinaire, London’s man in Scotland.

Like most of you I have very little time for Tories they are a particularly vile type of Unionist.

Labour and Liberals are more deserving of pity than ridicule, Tories on the other hand are invariably more virulent, aggressive, racist, bigoted and ill informed than most.

They have a certain narrative in their heads on topics like religion, class, race, sexual orientation that are more 19th than even 20th.century and in extreme cases like Murdo or Myles, more 17th Century attitudes.

Aneurin Bevan a real Labour man sums them up perfectly, if he was still alive today he would be appalled at the supine lot now sitting in the Labour ranks that prefer to abstain than oppose the Tories.


I truly believe that a line has been crossed and that last Wednesday while Fluffy Mundell, Pompous Ass Bercow and the massed ranks of Tories sniggered as the SNP streamed out of the chamber many people in Scotland who up until then had been ambivalent towards Scottish Independence became so appalled they are now militant Independinistas.

The Tories lit a fire that will not be quelled until Scotland resumes its place as an independent nation.

While Fluffy Mundell thought he was being so smart with his contribution to the debate on Brexit when he uttered the words that will haunt him and the Britnat apologists for all time.

”Scotland is not a partner of the United Kingdom; Scotland is part of the United Kingdom”

Thank you Fluffy, that was better than one million leaflets through Scottish letter boxes, better than a thousand street stalls and car cavalcades, more effective than 100 Party Conferences.

You did more to ignite the people of Scotland for independence than all of the efforts I have managed in nearly 50years of campaigning.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Fluffy Mundell you complete horses arse of a man.


3 thoughts on “They think it’s all over, it is now!

  • Well said, I couldn’t have said it any better all accept the horses Erse part,I use that a lot along with how the Tories will never know the feeling of being in power in Alba and able to Spend 28billion every year. Erse holes

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