10,000 Tanks & A Lying Tory

At the height of the Cold War, NATO was particularly worried about the might and vast number of Warsaw Pact armour that could be unleashed on the Western European countries.

It was estimated that the Soviets had around 10,000 tanks that would roll across Europe, in contrast the NATO forces only had a fraction of this amount and so a great deal of time, resource and thought went into a strategy to combat this threat.

Laterally the plan was that tactical battlefield nuclear weapons would be the only solution to this perceived problem.

This decision was only reached after NATO had spent massive amounts of money and increased the number of tanks, anti tank mines, guns and missiles to the absolute limit.

We now know, of course, this threat was greatly exaggerated and that The Warsaw Pact countries had less than a few 1,000 serviceable tanks at that time that could have been stopped without the need of nuclear weapons.

We can all be thankful that internal squabbles, a Polish Pope, a Polish Electrician and Afghani tribesmen proved more effective in bringing down the Soviet Empire than all the bluster and might of the USA and its NATO puppets.

The unrest in the Warsaw Pact countries had been growing over the decades from the Hungarian Uprising in the 50s, The Prague Spring in 1968 and countless other unreported strikes, marches and protests throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s as the enslaved people of Eastern Europe realized their resources and foodstuffs were being repatriated to Russia while they were being told all shortages in their countries were down to their own laziness and their lack of devotion to the Communist ideal and the current 5 year plan.

It sounds familiar, huh, steal the resources and make the people poorer, then blame the same people you are stealing from, Communism?

Sounds like British Capitalism to me!

The Soviets used the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 as an opportunity to show off and lie about its might, indeed it reported they had sent in 5,000 tanks and 200,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers to crush the peaceful Czech uprising as it became known.

Reports now suggest that far fewer tanks, soldiers and resources were involved more in the hundreds than the thousands for tanks that the Soviets had boasted.

In matters of military and political propaganda, bluff and counter bluff are an integral part of the whole game.

Painting out your military or political foe as not only the aggressor but also as some kind of sub human monster that will kill your womenfolk after multiple rapings is nothing new, during WWI the western powers were not slow in portraying the Germans as monsters of the worst kind.

Even by today’s very low standards some of the propaganda was truly nauseating and way over the top.

In politics it is no different, some of the tactics used are to the fair minded amongst us quite disgusting and equally nauseating.

The constant painting of anyone on social media that supports the Independence of Scotland as some rabid evil bully that abuses poor unionists for no apparent reason is the norm in the British media and body politic.

We even have a Branch manager that consistently lies about her experiences, telling blatant untruths of big, burly guys stopping nice unionist voters from entering polling stations, of disciplining racist and religious bigots within her own Party, then lying about them having diversity training when none was even booked, lying about being intimidated and hounded on the streets while a pack of rabid dogs were nipping at her very pregnant heels.

We have had Unionists inventing “ordinary” folk and relating their woes and tribulations at the hands of the cruel Scottish Government only to find out later that these innocent victims are in fact members of the Unionist Parties telling a whole load of made up lies.

In a decent functioning society with a decent 4th Estate, it would be a person called a ‘Journalist’ that would expose this to the public they are supposed to protect.

I suggest you google the word journalist as in Scotland we don’t have many of them, well not in the truest sense of the word.

Throughout the world there are very many brave journalists that risk life and limb to expose the wrong doings and corruption of governments.

Unfortunately in the UK and in Scotland in particular these people guising as Journos are nothing more than agents of the UK Government and Establishment.

Instead of exposing the lies and corruption of the British State our journalists, or to give them their proper title, Propagandists actively assist the ruling British elite to spread their lies and misinformation and to cover up wrong doings and corruption of the British State.

They view those of us that desire our own government in our own country as enemies of the state and in their eyes we are as bad as those depicted in the posters above.

They will say and do anything to protect the status quo for their British paymasters, never forget that when someone quotes back at you something one of these members of the 5th Column have written or said.

Ruth Davidson was not exposed by the media in Scotland it was ordinary citizens that brought this to the notice of the wider community.

Even today when a decent media would be doorstepping this compulsive and repetitive liar demanding her resignation, our lot are too busy writing false headlines and stories about the nasty Nats and their motley crew of cybernats.

They would have you believe that metaphorically they have 10,000 tanks and they will deploy them when we call an Independence Referendum.

We may not have a Polish Pope or a Polish electrician but we do have around 100,000 grassroots footsoldiers, not Afghani ,though I wouldn’t be surprised if in our enthusiastic army there are a few Afghans that are ready to go into battle with the other Scots new and old, all nationalities that call Scotland home.

We are now merely waiting on our Commander-in-Chief giving us the order.

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